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Here’s What We’ve Been Up To…


That Newfoundland Place, Inc., since its creation, has:

Helped owners in financial distress keep their dogs by participating in veterinary expenses related to:

  • Orthopedic surgeries
  • Eye surgeries
  • Heart surgeries
  • Spays and neuters
  • Auto immune issues
  • Various illnesses
  • Normal routine medical needs



Provided a forever home for some oldies and for those who cannot be placed due to health issues

  • We keep specific open space to provide for these dogs.


For Adoption:

See the Adoption Page


Please note that each dog who is adopted through That Newfoundland Place is veterinarian checked and comes with documentation for:

  • 4DX testing for heartworm and tick carried diseases...all of which are treated prior to placement
  • CBC and Chem Screen testing to ensure no underlying problems
  • Being spayed/neutered
  • Being updated on vaccinations
  • Being wormed and microchipped






That Newfoundland Place will be scheduling the next Rescue Open House. The purposes of the open house are to meet those thinking about adopting a rescue, to allow people interested in the breed to meet some of the dogs and see what they are about, and to see what we are about! NO DOGS are adopted out on the day of the open is solely a meet and greet type of function.

Most of our dogs are Newfoundlands...we are, however, as an independent organization, involved with other breeds as well...applications will be available at the open house as well as a copy of our adoption and soft drinks will be served. Let us know if you will be bringing your dog...all dogs must be well behaved and dogs can be left in cars during hot weather. Looking forward to seeing you at the next open house! 

***PLEASE NOTE:  keep an eye on the weather. You are welcome to bring your dog, however,  if the WEATHER is excessively HOT and humid…do NOT feel that you must bring your dog…especially if older or health compromised and has issues with intense heat.****

We have shady grounds, kiddie pools, and all are welcome to sit inside where air conditioned, but please do not put undue stress on your dog.


Phone calls are constantly coming in…people looking for help and advice. We have made magnificent connections in past years as volunteers for other organizations and are thrilled to be able to continue to help people and dogs in need. We do so with our network of outstanding veterinarians and volunteers!