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2014 Recap

2014 in Review

That Newfoundland Place Inc. is rolling into its fifth year. Our fourth year has proven to be another successful year in being able to help dogs AND people…and CATS!

We would like to share with you all what we have done during this past year. Of course we continue to take dogs who need to come into rescue due to hardship, divorce, death, etc., where one time help is not an option for these people. After being completely vetted, we place these dogs in loving homes. This is on going with That Newfoundland Place Inc.

Social media and other publications where people can sell their dogs have been like the plague this year…we get so many calls when people see this happening…so many dogs, not only Newfs, being sold without being spayed or neutered…puppy mills watch and grab these dogs… forcing the dogs to live a life of reproducing without having what our dogs have…love and companionship. We have taken many… spayed/neutered…in some cases treated for heartworm…and placed them in loving homes…these dogs adjust magnificently!!! Know that we try to educate in all of these cases and often meet with tremendous resistance.

Additionally, we have helped many people keep their dogs by helping with one time shot or groom or food expenses…one such case…a 9 year old male…the people ran into hard financial times…and called us to take their beloved Newfoundland…they were clearly heartbroken as were their children…we asked that if they were able to get help with the vet and grooming if they would they keep their dog…mom started crying and said absolutely…we did help them…and all is well! We have been in a number of these situations this year… we deal with the veterinarians directly in these instances.

Community service continues with our local schools…we are trying to bring young people in who can one day do what we are all doing with the same level of compassion. We have a wonderful young lady from a local university who has been volunteering and is a huge help! She is a very promising prospect for us!

Our Rescue Reunion was wonderful in October 2014. As a fundraiser we did really well. This one day a year gives us the opportunity to see dogs who we have placed over the years…and it always brings tears to our eyes to see how they are thriving with their wonderful families. This annual event also gives us the opportunity to help the owners who may need assistance. This year many prospective adopters came to see what we are about. We love that! It’s about the right dog for the right family!

Our organization is growing…we have a number of dogs waiting to come in…we have many outstanding homes waiting for the right dog…and we still have our oldie residents for whom we always have space…we have dogs also with some health issues that must be resolved prior to placement…Bertha and Apollo especially.

The hallmark of good rescue is rescue working together for the betterment of their animals…we are so fortunate to be able to work with the Animal Welfare Society (AWS), New Milford CT, Newfoundland Club of New England’s Rescue Chair Lori Bryant , and Protectors of Animals, Glastonbury, CT… our goals are to find the best homes for the animals in our care. We are eager to continue our relationships through the New Year and years to come.

A breakdown of dogs who have crossed our path during 2014!


Bear (worked with NCNE)

Jade (worked with NCNE)












Sandy (worked with AWS)


Molly (worked with NCNE)

Leah (worked with NCNE)



Maddie (worked with AWS)

Rosie #1 (worked with AWS)


Rosie #2





Rizzo (worked with AWS)

Zuko (worked with AWS)

Dogs helped in their homes!

Bliss                                                                Bob

Guinness                                                        Teddy

Nine cats were assisted during 2014…feral cats took up residence here at the farm as we continue to work with Animal Welfare Society (AWS) and Protectors of Animals (POA)… we also assisted with vet expenses to help others keep newly found cats whereas they were kind enough to give these cats homes.

Some of our plans for 2015 include:

  • Continuing our work with animals in need          
  • Building a bigger team/fosters/home checkers  
  • Promoting education
  • Increasing our visibility
  • Pursuing Grants
  • Adding functions

We are so grateful for the support we receive! Our continued success in being able to help all of these dogs, cats, and their people is a credit to you all! We look forward to 2015 and hope to see you at our events that are currently being planned!

Best wishes for an outstanding 2015!

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