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2021 RECAP

2021 in Review

The year 2021 was another year of challenges. Who thought that we would still be battling within the Pandemic a full year later…and it’s not over yet! We invite you to read about our year in Review. Whereas we continued to take dogs in to TNP, do all the necessary vet work, and find these dogs amazing homes, per the norm, we also found ourselves helping in many other situations. Vet help and food were the biggest challenges in 2021. Many folks found themselves faced with strays … dogs or cats … needing help. Rather than ignore the situation these good people stepped in to help reaching out to TNP for additional assistance for advice, some vet expenses or food. We were happy to help with all of these where we could.

Our first adoption for 2021, Admiral, now called Chance, was taken from a hardship situation and fostered for us in New York. Once all the vet work was done, Chris and Estelle decided that this big, slobbery Newf was definitely meant to be in their family. Chance continues to do well and we have seen him in many TNP Facebook posts!

January, 2021 also brought Milo to our attention. From NY, Milo needed to be neutered and vetted, which TNP took care of … once healed, TNP sent one of our preapproved adopters to meet and potentially adopt Milo. It worked out great! Milo is living the life with his new family also in NY.

February, 2021 brought us Brynn the Newfoundland and Cooper the Bernese Mountain Dog from NY. Again, a family hardship situation. Both lovely, sweet dogs who had been well cared for and well loved. As you all may recall reading on our Facebook, within two weeks from arrival, Cooper wasn’t himself going from eating and playing to no appetite. Vet visits, xrays, and ultrasounds finally revealed a tumor that had probably been there for some time. His surgery was scheduled for the next day but Cooper didn’t wake up that morning. Even doing everything that could be done, this happens sadly. Berners are a tough breed for cancer issues. Brynn the Newfoundland however went to her home in NH and is thriving! It took her awhile to get the hang of riding in the car but trips to MacDonald’s for a burger helped her get used to the rides!

February, 2021 also brought us Buster from MA. His owner worked very long hours and felt that Buster needed more and made a selfless decision to ask us to help find him the perfect home. We did! Buster was adopted in March, 2021 and lives here in CT though he does spend much summer time at the Cape! Lucky boy!

May, 2021, from NJ came Moose. TNP had all of his vet work done while he was fostered and cared for through healing by Nancy Weaver. An amazing boy who is now living the life in NJ with his new family. You may have seen his pics on our Facebook!

June, 2021 brought us seven year old Brown Olivia from NY … who acts like she is 2! TNP had all the vet work done. She was fostered In PA by Kathie and Cliff who then transported her to CT. Olivia loved swimming so we knew she needed a home with available swimming. She is living in VT with long time Newf owners, loving the beautiful river in her backyard!

July, 2021, Little Moose, now called Wellington, came to TNP at 6 months old from PA. This boy LOVED swimming and spent much time at our pond with the other dogs. We knew he needed a “water” home! We had a family who had been waiting for a couple of years for the right dog. THIS was the right dog! Wellington enjoys his family and kids and boating and swimming in the ocean!

July, 2021 brought us another Moose…we called him Big Moose. At eighteen months old, from NY, another case of family hardship, we were able to work with the owner, get Moose groomed and evaluated by an experienced evaluator, Mary, from Northland Newf Club…we had a preapproved adopter standing by who traveled to meet Big Moose and it was a perfect match. Moose now has a Newf sister!

July, 2021, TNP had the pleasure of working with the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, CT. AWS took in a Newfoundland … her name Mama Mia…collaboration is KEY in Rescue…and we work closely with AWS. Mama Mia aka Bunny went home to NH with a wonderful couple…this particular couple was our first adopter when TNP was established!

August, 2021, Junie from CT came to TNP. Nancy from TNP spent a number of months coaching this lovely family as they wanted to make it work with Junie. They then realized that Junie would be better with another family who could handle her more easily. Junie came to us, was vetted, and went to her new home in MA. She’s doing great!

August, 2021, also saw 10 year old Kodie from MA. needing a home. Kodie was well cared for and loved in his home but needed a re-home due to family hardship. TNP had an approved home not too far from where Kodie lived. At 10 years old, he was up to date on medical and we had a home who fit the bill who had been waiting since April, 2020! Kodie moved right in and has been living quite the life with Claudia also in MA!

August, 2021, two year old Milly from PA arrived at TNP. A lovely girl but didn’t get along with her female canine roommate … NOT an unusual situation! What starts out fine with a couple of girls when young sometimes doesn’t end up in a manageable situation. Milly now lives in MA with an experienced Newf owner…and is an only dog!

September, 2021, we received a call from PA, health issues were forcing the placement of their Newfoundland named Cooper. One of the best things about our TNP procedure of aps, followed by references, followed by home checks, is that our homes are READY! When we got the call on Cooper the Newf, we contacted a potential adopter who had gone through our process. He jumped into gear and picked up Cooper and fostered him. We did all the vet work, had him groomed and Richard, who was by then smitten, adopted Cooper! Cooper is living large on Long Island!

September, 2021 Tessie in MA needed to be rehomed due to owner having to relocate. Tessie is now living with long time adopter in NY. Thank you Stan!

November, 2021, four year old Mabel from CT arrived. We had her vetted and she was ready to go. She lives in VT with a long time TNP adopter! Mabel is loving her new life!

November, 2021 we received a call from a friend of Onyx’s owner in NY. Family hardship caused them to have to find a new home for three year old Onyx. Working with the owner, TNP had Onyx groomed then sent one of our preapproved homes to meet Onyx. Love at first sight and now Onyx is living his best life in PA!

November, 2021, Seven year old Sampson came to TNP from NY. Initially he was left out in a barn for most of his life. A couple took him from there but realized that he was a bit much to handle for a working couple. They felt a rehome was in his best interest. Sampson was examined by our vet and it was determined that he had heartworm. He is in the process of being treated now. Once done, Sampson will be neutered followed by repair of a dislocated hip done by a car hit. This boy has had a tough life but remains sweet and happy. Thank you Rebecca for helping with Sam’s care! Stay tuned for updates.

November, 2021 brought us Izzy, a ten week old Landseer. Izzy has luxating patellas. She is currently being fostered in NY and will be seeing an ortho surgeon the second week in January. Watch for updates on Izzy!

December, 2021, A call from a NY Vet and ACO told us about Clifford. A Brown Newf STRAY picked up and never claimed. The ACO kindly met us part way and we picked up Clifford who the vet estimated at nine months to two years of age. We had him vetted and neutered. Orthopedically Clifford has issues. Xrays have been taken and sent to an ortho specialist. His ortho problems appear to be genetic but at this time we are not sure if and what can be done. Clifford (the name given to him by the Vet and ACO) is a very happy boy and not in pain and is quite mobile. Stay tuned for updates.

December, 2021 brought Lilly to us from MA. A ten month old Landseer…once again, family hardship… Lilly is currently still with TNP. She has been vetted and spay is next. She is adorable and will be a great addition for the right family. Stay tuned!

December, 2021 just brought us 3 year old Mabel the Brown Newf and 2 ½ year old Stella the English Black Labrador from NY, a family hardship situation. Both Mabel and Stella still need to be vetted and spayed. We have appointments set up for this. Once done and healed, we have a home for Mabel in PA and a home for Stella in CT. The girls are lovely and come from a home where they were well loved and cared for. Thanks to Mary and Ernie for transporting to TNP!

December, 2021, Sully, brown and white Newf from PA, TNP neutered, vetted, and he was being fostered by Nancy Weaver until a few days ago when he left for his new home in NJ! Good boy, Sully! Happy Life!

In addition to the dogs listed who came through TNP, were fostered, or directly placed, there are a number of dogs (and cats) we have vetted, groomed, fed, etc., to help their people. In working with their owners, we marvel at the care, love, and kindness these people give to their 4 legged family members. Some names that we will always have in our hearts are Bessie, Pooh and Oscar, three Newfs in Ohio who we helped with vetting and grooming. Then there was Chester the Puggle from the south who needed help with his cancer treatment. You may remember Handsome the Newf from the south who was in pretty bad shape. Two old poodles who came from NJ and with help from a sister rescue, Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, vet care provided and homes were found for them together. Momma stray cat with kittens that a good Samaritan took in and we were able to help get vetting as needed and spaying comes next! Food donations were a common need this year as well as numerous spays and neuters of various breeds that TNP had the privilege of being able to assist with! Some sad endings, some happy endings…but all part of what we do in Rescue!

Including the current dogs we have here and in foster for placement, TNP handled and is handling a total of 23 dogs in 2021.

We are grateful to all of our volunteers. It takes an exceptional TEAM to run a sound and reliable rescue. Everyone has a job to do. Communication and collaboration are key to a successful organization.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who support us! We are beyond grateful for your ongoing kindness and generosity!

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