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In Memory



There are great things to be said about adopting an oldie!

Mickey (formerly Nikki) stole my heart from the first glimpse, and then the ‘Woof’ that I interpreted as MAMA sealed the deal. She was a huge bundle of happiness in a tiny-little-newfie body and constantly smiled and wagged her tail. She fit perfectly into our existing pack and was so easy to live with!

Mickey did a whole lot of living in the six months she was with us! She went for walks in the woods, swims in the river, trips to the dog park, camping in Maine, and to the rescue reunion in September.

She got along with everyone and everything, just as the sign on her kennel at Cathy’s said. Mickey found joy in everything, and that was her lesson for me. There is joy in everything….even in passing. As soon as I had made the decision to say goodbye to Mickey, I felt undeniable joy from the girl. It was so sad to say goodbye to her, but it felt so good to help a senior dog LIVE and then pass in peace and with love.

AJ Berlin…Adopter



Bo arrived at That Newfoundland Place today…he is a Landseer, 5 years old, loves everyone and everything! A vet check planned for Monday will hopefully give some insight to a possible eating disorder that has caused Bo to be a bit too thin…stay tuned for his updates! Bo has had bloodwork and urine testing done…he is not eating well regardless of what we try…he is currently on antibiotics and meds to sooth his stomach…we are hopeful that further testing will reveal his issues. He remains a sweetheart!

Bo…what an amazing and loving dog! He moved in here and acted like he’d been here forever…loved all the dogs and loved hanging out with eight newfoundlands in the living room while we watched TV….it is with a broken heart that I tell you that even with all the best vets, testing, the medication, the treating of various conditions, nothing could be done to help this boy. Getting Bo to eat was impossible regardless of the menu…raw, cooked, chicken, beef, barbque, ice cream….Bo was very ill and we had to make a very difficult decision to prevent Bo from suffering. He taught us so much in such a short time and will always be loved and remembered.



She is a very sweet 5 month old Newfoundland puppy. In her mind there is nothing wrong with her … she has a strong spirit and will to live … she loves to play with the other dogs, snuggle, and give slobbery wet puppy kisses. Hope is a happy Newfoundland puppy.

She was rescued knowing she had SAS with plans to take her to Cornell Animal hospital for a confirmation diagnosis. Sadly, the diagnosis received was not very good for Hope. She has severe sub aortic stenosis (SAS), pulmonary edema, congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, patent ductus arteriosis (PDA), and mild pulmonic stenosis. Cornell veterinarians conclude that if surgery to correct PDA is not done soon, Hope’s time is limited to weeks … possibly months.

The cost of the PDA surgery is estimated at $3000…a first step to try to help this baby. That Newfoundland Place has donated to Hope’s cause. Any donations made to That Newfoundland Place earmarked for Hope are tax deductible and will be forwarded payable to her Cornell Case through her rescuer.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated!


Sadly, Hope passed away during her surgery. It was a case of cardiac arrest during surgery and resuscitation did not work for Hope. She had so many people pulling for her…and was in the best hands at Cornell. Her adoptive mom is heartbroken and our thoughts are with her.


As most recall, Bree also called Tehya…was the first to have the eye surgery…she was actually the most compromised of the five pups … she came in a week later than the other four and was in far worse condition having to be fed from a syringe for her first few weeks with us…a few weeks ago Bree became gravely ill…overnight…racing to the vet and doing more rounds of bloodwork and testing revealed that she had developed juvenile diabetes…treatment started immediately however she then developed hemolytic anemia… our resources and our veterinarians are amazing.. everything that could be done to help her was done…she had been living here with us since she was the most compromised of the group…sadly, we could not save her.

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