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Catherine Derench, President – (860)465-6839       Email: [email protected]


Application Requests, contact Nancy Oneal-Molnar via  Email:  [email protected]


That Newfoundland Place Inc. is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.  Specifically, this organization has been formed to prevent cruelty to animals. Our mission is to offer quality of life to senior dogs of various breeds, to assist in rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of dogs in need, with a focus on Newfoundland dogs, and to provide humane education as related to care and life quality of animals. 

Dog Running

Cathy and Ed Derench, in Coventry, Connecticut, for the past 15 years, as volunteers for other organizations, have been:

  • Helping people who are forced to give up their dogs
  • Taking in dogs left in shelters
  • Boarding rescue dogs
  • Rehabilitating rescue dogs
  • Hosting Open House events so people are able to meet dogs looking for homes
  • Hosting Open House events so we can meet the people looking to adopt the dogs
  • Locating deserving families to adopt the rescue dogs
  • Placing rescue dogs
  • Maintaining contact with our old and new friends who have adopted the wonderful rescues in order to offer assistance, advice, and support
  • Offering a sanctuary to old or infirm dogs who cannot be placed


Based on our vast experience in these areas, our decision was to create our own organization … That Newfoundland Place, Inc.

Today’s economy has put job loss and foreclosure on the forefront. Pets suffer during these hard times as do their owners…especially very large pets. Often a rental situation will allow an animal up to a certain size. Fortunate pets are left in shelters or rescues…sadly, many are abandoned…some left alone in the home that was once occupied by their beloved owners. We are here to help those people make a quality decision about their pets. Having built relationships over the years with pounds and shelters, we are also here to help shelter dogs find their way.

Boarding, feeding, transporting rescues for routine veterinary procedures as well as major surgeries, and rehabilitating everything from a spay to elbow surgery to repaired cruciate ligaments have been our donation to rescue for over 15 years. All of this will continue through That Newfoundland Place, Inc.

Open house functions will continue to be held in Coventry, CT. in an educational vein, to introduce interested families to:

  • Dogs needing homes
  • Care that these animals require
  • Where to attend training schools in their area
  • How to locate a veterinarian in their area

Open house functions are held every two months. We would like to expand this into a program to introduce children to animals on a close up basis to teach children about the differences in species, personalities of these animals, how these creatures have feelings and to teach compassion, humility, tolerance, and kindness to today’s youth.

CATS…did someone say cats?? Ed and Cathy, for two decades, have maintained a feral cat colony in conjunction with Protectors of Animals, Inc., Glastonbury, CT. and more recently, the Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT. All cats are spayed or neutered and are up to date on vaccinations. Our feral cats come only through these two organizations.

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