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2018 Recap

2018 in Review

Happy New Year everyone! TNP is heading into its NINTH YEAR!!! Where did THAT time go??!!

Definitely 2018 was our busiest year … 2018 saw 36 dogs come through TNP…here in Coventry…an all time high.

Our first adoption in January, 2018…Nellie…who came from a back yard breeder and now lives in VT…with her recently adopted Saint Bernard brother, Barklay. Thank you Animal Welfare Society in New Milford CT for working with TNP in orchestrating this adoption! Nellie and Barklay are like two peas in a pod!

Theo, a young, lovely Landseer was placed in February and lives in CT with a family where he gets to take part in school proms and sports events.

March saw three adoptions…Norman…a young pup who was surrendered due to hip dysplasia… his owners were scared of potential expenses… once he got to us, we found he did NOT have hip dysplasia…he is now living with a sister Newf in Virginia and spending the warmer weather swimming in his salt water swimming pool. Also in March, Mickey and Babe, a brother and sister Landseer team were owner surrendered…family hardship. Affectionately known as “THE YANKEES”, they were adopted by a long time adopter who happens to be a HUGE YANKEE FAN! They are living in New Hampshire. We also took in Beau in March…diagnosed with a cruciate issue…his owners were unable to manage him…at 190 lbs, it was evident that the first thing we needed was a diet…he’s lost weight, he was swimming all summer and is doing very well at age 9 without surgical intervention needed. Beau has remained here at TNP.

Coco came in and went to her new home in April. She had recently had cruciate surgery…spent some time here with us and in re-hab doing water exercises, etc., at a phenomenal facility here in CT called “WIZARD OF PAWS”. Coco is living in CT with a brother and sister Newfoundland.

Boomer went to his new home in June…now called Duncan Magoon…a young, handsome Landseer, living in CT … we are sure you have seen him on our Facebook page. June also brought us a wonderful female named Riley … who was pregnant…a family hardship situation. She arrived on one day and via c-section, had 9 pups the next day… our TNP team had the experience of helping take care of mom and raising 9 pups which took the rest of our summer… in addition to other dogs who needed our help. This was an amazing experience for all and we kept everyone advised of our progress on our social media page. Once vetted, heart checked, the pups were placed in amazing homes during August…stretching from Colorado … to Kansas … to Maryland … to various spots in New England….all are happy, healthy and doing amazingly well! This experience will always hold a special place in all the hearts of our TNP Team…not only Mom Riley and Dad Charley but little Riley, Frisco, Max, Simon, Lyla, Gracie, Stella Swan, Nova, Grace O’Malley the Pirate … we will always adore them and cherish our time with them all…including teaching them to swim in our pool! ☺ Mom was spayed…dad neutered and they are in their home.

In July, working, once again, with our friends at the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford CT, we were able to get Thyme out of a bad situation, spayed, re-habbed and in a new home here in CT. She is a lovely Landseer who is loving her new life! Huge thanks to everyone who stepped up to help us get Thyme to New Milford, CT!

August brought us Holly the Standard Poodle…our thanks to our friends, once again, at Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT., for your help in finding Holly the perfect home.

September brought us Charlee Girl…a 5 year old brown and white Landseer, somewhat orthopedically compromised who also had a tumor in one eye. After seeing an eye specialist, we realized that the eye needed to be removed, which was done. The decision was a good one as the tumor was malignant. Charlee Girl healed quickly and is doing well. She has stayed here with us since mobility is a non issue here…no slippery floors, no stairs, no demands. Also in September we took in Dakota, Cliff, and Cheyenne. After spaying, neutering and our normal vet protocol, all are in their new homes. Dakota is in New Hampshire, Cliff is in Mass., Cheyenne is in Long Island. During September, Rina was also placed after being spayed and is living in Maine. All are doing beyond great!

October saw George, Gryffen, and Tessie go to their new homes. George came in due to family medical issues, a young bouncy male. Gryffen a 7 month old pup was too much for the family and Tessie was surrendered due to extended family medical issues. George lives in Mass., Gryffen is in New York, and Miss Tessie is in Mass.

October also saw Pixie…a Yorkie…due to family hardship… surrendered to TNP and, once again, our amazing friends at Animal Welfare Society, New Milford CT found the perfect home for her!

November was a busy month for intake and adoptions…During November, two Newfoundlands were surrendered to their local CT ACO … family hardship… Sophie and Tank, brother and sister, both about a year old, were turned over to TNP.  After vet work done, Sophie was placed in a home in Mass and Tank, during December, was also placed separately in Mass. Sophie is an only dog right now and Tank has an older Newf sister. Our thanks to the ACO for letting us help with these dogs! We also had a surrender due to a job change…Paisley and Oakley came to TNP. Both under a year old, we vetted, placed in November and now living in VT. November also brought us three females … once again, a family medical situation.  Zuzu and Clara were spayed and vetted…both girls were placed in December, Zuzu lives in Mass and Clara is living in PA with a long time Newf family. Lily was also surrendered to us at this time and is still with us while being medically evaluated and awaiting spay.

December also brought us three female pups who needed our assistance. Shelby, Ragan, and Koda … after proper vetting, Koda is now living in Long Island…Shelby in Mass and Ragan in PA.

In addition to taking dogs in, vetting, and placing, we continue to help people keep their dogs…our reach in doing this in 2018 has taken us from the east coast to the south and out as far as Montana…anyone can run into a hard time … often a helping hand to assist makes the difference between a dog ending up in rescue or a pound or being able to stay in his/her home with their loving family.

So we continue to do what we do…we save space for those who cannot be placed…we continue to help those people and dogs in need…and we continue to take dogs in…get them prepared for a new home…and find the best spot for them. We also, as in years past, work with specific organizations to provide a safe and comfortable home for cats who cannot be placed…Animal Welfare Society in New Milford CT is our main group to work with in this capacity.  We also continue to hold open house functions to find the best homes for dogs we get, talk to people via email and phone, stay in touch with and help those who adopt from us and help those who don’t and just need assistance…this is what we do.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to the folks we rely on to help with our mission…our TNP TEAM, our supporters, Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT., and our OUTSTANDING Vet…Kirby Vet Hospital, Mansfield Center CT…. we couldn’t do any of this without you!

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