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2022 Recap

2022 Year in Review

I have to say that 2022 has been one of the most challenging years That Newfoundland Place has had since we started in 2010. Please keep in mind that TNP does much more than take dogs in who need to be rehomed. Our vet protocol for each dog is quite a list: exam, CBC, CHEM, 4DX, spay or neuter, UA, vaccinations, microchip, and whatever else the dog needs. Sometimes this means x-rays or an ultrasound or surgery outside of spay/neuter. Most of the time it means cultures and/or biopsies of items found during exam. We want to know exactly what we are placing so the adopter knows exactly what they are getting. And that’s just the dog part. The TEAM is constantly sending applications out, answering emails, doing home checks, keeping our status sheets, prepping our newsletter, planning for our open house functions and our annual Reunion and Fundraiser, monitoring our social media, and on and on.

TNP is different than many rescues in that we are primarily a Newfoundland Rescue with a brick-and-mortar location. We are also different in that we work throughout the country helping people keep their Newfoundlands – and in some cases other breeds as well – by providing food, grooming, vet expense assistance, etc. We use a select few FOSTERS, spread out through the country; we supply food and all dog related items to our fosters; we do not feel that expenses related to the dogs we take in should be the responsibility of the foster. Additionally, all dogs leaving TNP to adopters leave with a large bag of food that they’ve been eating while with us, canned food, collars, heartworm preventative and flea and tick medication for at least 3 months, as well as basic grooming tools, shampoo, coat conditioner, EZ walk harness and more, And they leave with 24/7 access to TNP.

TNP also works within our own community. Human Services in Coventry, CT has reached out to us when assistance has been requested for food and vet expense assistance. These included other breeds of dogs and in many situations, cats.

Some rescue colleagues have approached me asking why we do that and how do we know we can trust those seeking assistance. Our feeling is when help is needed, it is needed then. Collecting income info or running a personal reference takes time that is time some of these animals may not have. We trust that most of these people are being up front with us, and, honestly, if we get taken advantage of from time to time we can live with that knowing that we have helped MANY. Sending food is a no brainer for us. All of our other contributions are done directly to vets, groomers, and those performing the service. We are extremely comfortable with what we do and how we do it.

So yes, we are different than many rescues.

Dogs Placed in 2022

TNP physically took in a record 41 dogs in 2022 and placed 39 dogs. Numerous others received assistance with medical expenses, food, grooming, and more. We are so happy for all of the dogs and all of the people. Our goal is always the dogs first, but we are thrilled to be able to help the dogs AND their people.


Hopeis a 10-week-old Landseer puppy mill pup who we were called about by a vet tech. She had been diagnosed with two luxating patellas. The vet tech agreed to foster her and we had a board-certified Orthopedist examine her as well as all necessary puppy vet work. The vet consensus was to let her grow up a bit and re-evaluate her patellas before any surgical intervention. At roughly 16 weeks, Hope’s patellas were stabilizing; the issue may have been the way she was kept at the mill and nutrition. No surgery was needed and the vet tech asked to adopt her. Hope now lives in upstate New York and is now called Izzy.

Mabel, 3-year-old brown Newf and Stella, 3-year-old Black Lab female, were surrendered together due to family hardship. Both were vetted and spayed by TNP. Mabel is now living in New York and Stella is living in Connecticut.


Clifford, an approximately 2-year-old brown male, was picked up as a stray in northern New England. He came to TNP through Animal Control. He’s an amazing and sweet dog who had a very rough start. Clifford has ortho issues that he was probably born with and SAS. He is now living his best life in Simsbury Connecticut with long time TNP supporters.  He especially enjoys his trips to the Vineyard during the summer months! Very lucky boy!

Elvira’s owner had much going on with a young family and felt Elvira would do better in a new home. A lovely 3-year-old black Newf now called Elsie, she made a great addition as an only dog to a wonderful family in Delaware, and spends time in Rhode Island with family and grand kids.

Baxter, an 8-year-old male Landseer, lived outside his entire life, His owners were getting older and their daughter called on us for help. They actually had 3 Newfoundlands that they needed re-homed; two females, Brittany(Now Brie), a 5-year-old Landseer and Mocha, an 8-year-old brown Newf, and Baxter. Three of our fosters across the Midwest and upstate New York helped us with these dogs until we could get them here. Baxter and Brie now live together in New York and Mocha, who had a major oral tumor, is living in Connecticut. Getting these dogs, vetting, surgeries, grooming, etc. took us months, which started in January and went through the end of March


Julia, 15-month-old brown and white female, was surrendered to TNP by a single mom with 2 kids and 2 dogs and realized she had too much on her plate. We took Julia, who had recently had pups with the male in the house, had her vetted and spayed and also neutered the “Doodle” named Oreo who was remaining in the home. Julia, now Josie, is living her best life in New Hampshire and swimming in season, which it turns out she LOVES to do!

Makk, 8-month-old black Newf, way too much for his owner to handle We had him vetted and placed with a family in Connecticut. Makk has an older Newf sister and is attending obedience classes and loving life.


Griz, a 6-year-old black Newfoundland, was turned over to TNP due to the husband passing. He was too much dog for the wife and she felt she was unable to give him the time he needed. After being vetted, Griz now lives in Rhode Island with a former Newf adopter!

Sampson, a 7-year-old black male who came in early in 2022 with heartworm, was fostered by one of our TEAM through his heartworm treatment then came to Coventry to have a dislocated hip evaluated, Sampson is now living in New York with his Newf sister Peaches. Both are doing great!


Chewie, a 3-year-old Landseer, was surrendered because his owner had a lot going on and could not manage this sweet boy. Chewie now lives with his Newf sister Gracie in Connecticut with long time Newf owners and adopters.

Eli, a 16-week-old Irish Spotted baby, was surrendered to TNP as he was too much for his new home to handle and was making life tough for the older dog in the house. Puppies can do that! He was not at TNP very long and now resides with one of our TEAM who lives in Massachusetts and is called Taco. I’m sure you will continue to see him at our 2023 events!

Hagrid, an 11-month-old brown Newf who was well cared for and loved, was surrendered to TNP as he was too much for the family; he had become aggressive with one of the other dogs in the family. TNP had Hagrid neutered and vetted. In the time he was with us, he behaved like the perfect gentleman! He is doing amazingly well in his new home here in Connecticut where he is called Atlas.

Kobe, 20-month-old black Newf male was surrendered due to family hardship. Kobe was vetted, now lives in Maine with long time TNP adopters, and is called Kirby.


Abbyis an 18-month-old black female Newfoundland whose owner had to relocate to an assisted living facility. The owner was heartbroken and was kind and loving to Abby. Abby was surrendered to us and now lives with an amazing family in Massachusetts. The former owner stays in touch with us, as we offer to all surrendering parties, and receives photos of Abby with her new kids, frequently.

Callie, from Connecticut, an 11-year-old black female, had one owner moving to a dementia facility and his wife moving closer to her kids – a heartbreaking situation. We received the call and immediately went to pick her up. Callie had ear and eye issues and was severely matted because people, sadly, don’t know who to reach out to for help. Another important reason we want to keep our name out there – we can help!  Callie was groomed and vetted and used our dog door immediately! Even our TEAM was amazed at how fast she adjusted here. So Callie is now a Pucker Street resident, laying in the living room as I type!

Daisy Mae, the 6-month-old Bloodhound was surrendered to TNP as her owner realized that she needed more than he could provide for her. She needed fencing and an activity level that he could not provide. With tons of effort from everyone, we found a wonderful Bloodhound home for her! She is living her best life in Rhode Island!

Lilly, 10-month-old Landseer female, was surrendered due to owner not having enough time. Lilly was vetted, spayed, and is now living in Connecticut with her Leonberger sister.


Annieis a 12-month-old Landseer female whose owner didn’t have enough time for her. Long time Newf owners and adopters in New Hampshire gave Annie her forever home!

Khaki, a 9-month-old Landseer female, was surrendered to TNP as she was way too much dog for her older owners. After being spayed and vetted, she went to her new home in New York where she lives with her Newf brother and her new mom and dad who are wonderfully focused on positive training! The progress Khaki, now called Hadley, has made is beyond amazing!

Nova, a13-month-old black Newf, was too much for his owner. He came to TNP, was vetted and neutered and is now living with recently place Newf sister, Rinawho is 7 years old, in Maine. Fencing was a definite for this boy! Both Rina and Nova, now called Gronk, are doing amazingly well!


Sullycame in with two blown ACL’s. He was a 2-year-old black male destined for euthanasia. With the help of an awesome vet tech, Sully was fostered in New York, had his ACL’s repaired, was taken through re-hab, and finally came to TNP in Coventry. This was by far our biggest single expense for 2022 and we are grateful for all of the help from fostering and donors. Sully went to an amazing home as did his new sister Scarlet, a 2-year-old black female, in Maine. They are loving their lives!

Two-year-old Landseer female Tanka’s owner felt she needed more one on one time. A lovely girl, Tanka is now living in Connecticut with her very own little boy. She is an only dog and loving her life!


Blackberry, a 5-year-old black female and Sundae, a 5-year-old brown and white female, came from a puppy mill. Both had recently produced probably their 4thor 5thlitter of pups and were scared and distrusting. They came around quickly with love and kindness. Blackberry (Now Maizy) lives in New Hampshire and Sundae(Now River) lives in New York with a long time TNP adopter.

Charlie, a 7-year-old Landseer, and Riley, a 7-year-old brown and white sweetheart, were surrendered to TNP due to severe family hardship. We placed them together with a very long time adopter and they are living the life in Massachusetts.

Fawn, the 7-year-old Rat Terrier and Lucy, the 7-year-old Maltese, came from a local dog pound. A vet tech friend was at the pound making a donation and saw these two little girls cowering next to many Pitbulls who were also at the pound. She made contact with us and our vet and pulled the dogs. We had them spayed, vetted, and found them a home together, which was our goal!

Maddieis a 4-year-old grey Newf surrendered due to not getting along with other dogs in the house. We never saw that problem. She was fostered by one of our TEAM in New York. We had her vetted and spayed and Maddie is now loving life living in New York.


Cannoli, a 3-year-old grey female, was relinquished because her owner was unable to get her ear infections resolved. We always offer assistance in these situations, but even with help the owners’ decision was to re-home Cannoli. Her ears were cultured and proper medications were given and the infections cleared. An amazing, sweet, and smart girl, she now lives in Massachusetts with experienced Newf owners and is called Finley.

Two 10- to 12-week-old puppy mill pups– one black and one brown – were being fostered by Nancy Weaver and subsequently adopted by vet techs at her veterinarian. Each vet tech adopted one pup from us.


Ellis, a 4-year-old Landseer, was surrendered to TNP due to his owner having a recent and serious health issue. He was well cared for and loved in his former home and made a great addition to a family in Massachusetts. Ellis now has a canine sister named Penny, Lab/Golden mix, who keeps him in line!

Zoeyis a 4-year-old brown female who had been over bred, from a mill. She was so anemic when she arrived that spaying had to be postponed. Finally, with good supplements and nutrition, Zoey’s bloodwork was consistently coming back perfect! After being spayed, she went to her new home in Rhode Island with a long time Newf person. She is still adjusting but will no doubt do amazingly well in her new home.

While not yet placed, Blueis currently in foster care after arriving in November. He is currently undergoing heartworm treatment.

Our first dog of 2023 will be two-and-a-half-year-old male Ollie, expected to come to Coventry on January 2.

In addition to the dogs that were adopted through TNP, others have received assistance for medical bills, food, grooming, etc. They include:

Magnus, a Newf with a cruciate that needed repair. He was able to stay in his home with some financial assistance from TNP and Newfoundland Club of America (NCA).

Gemma, a 3-year-old Chihuahua that was brought to our attention by our town’s human resource department. Gemma owner needed some assistance with spay and vet work. We had all the TNP vet protocol done for Gemma’s owner, including microchipping. Gemma healed well and is doing great with her owner!

Emmett’s family had a couple of dogs. Emmett was not neutered and they were going to place him as he wasn’t getting along with the other male in the house. His people were heartbroken and talked about neutering him but could not afford to do so. They absolutely wanted to keep him and work with him but felt neutering was critical and hoped Emmett could be placed with someone who could neuter him. We offered to do all the vet work; the normal TNP Protocol vet work, then asked them if that would make a difference in their decision. They were so thrilled that they started crying on the phone. Emmett stayed with his family.

Bailey, a young Neapolitan Mastiff, is a dog we assisted with veterinary expenses. We had him neutered and followed our normal TNP vet protocol. We then assisted the owner with his placement. Bailey now lives in CT.

Lilly, a Pitbull mix in our town needed help with medical bills and spay.

Great Pyrenees Hannah’s family needed help with medication bills.

Ben, a Great Pyrenees needed help with surgical vet expenses.

Maggie, a Newf, received assistance with expenses related to Pyometra surgery.

Numerous dogs (from all over the country) this year needed help with food, grooming, and routine vet expenses.

And not just dogs were helped by TNP. Working with Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, Connecticut, Tilley, Manny, Laney, Ellora, Iris, Lucille, Tinsley, Blackieare all cats that were helped by TNP for food, vet expenses, providing a home in our feral cat colony.

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