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2013 Recap

2013 in Review

WOW! What a year! Our third year encompassed situations that we could not even have imagined!

Assisting dogs in 2013 tallies 40. Some of these dogs came into or were assisted by our rescue, TWENTY SIX…who found their forever home in 2013…

-Brownie 2                                          -Buddy

-Elmo                                                  -Lady Bug

-Teddy                                                 -Toby

-Annie                                                 -Fred (Pawsafe)

-Cinder                                                -Sapphire

-Penny                                                 -Izzy

-Polly                                                    -Zoe

-Dozer                                                 -Adele

-Bella                                                   -Hercules

-Lola                                                    -Mickey

-Big Ted                                              -Jill

-Jesse                                                 -Tobi Turtle

-Tiny Tim aka NODIN                       -Bree


Worked with an epic shelter, the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, CT. to help:

-Neo the Husky                                  -Odin

-Rosie                                                  -Maddie (Still in process)

-Toadie the mini Schnauzer


Worked with amazing Lori Bryant, Rescue Chair for the Newfoundland Club of New England to help:

 -Brynn                                                            -Clarissa


Helped dogs stay with owners…owners needed assistance: 

-Maymee the Neo                               -Maggie the Shepherd


-Assisted with many spays/neuters to do our share to help in preventing over population!


Our biggest challenge of 2013 was our Special Needs Rescue Litter…this has gone on to be a years project. Out of the five pups, four are in their new homes and doing well. Our special little angel, Bree, was the last of the five pups to come to us…she was the most compromised…the plan was for her to live her life with us in Coventry. Eye surgery gave her sight…but unforeseen circumstances arose. She developed juvenile diabetes and hemolytic anemia…sadly we lost her in October, 2013. Bree was so, so special. We are so grateful that many of you were able to meet her and her siblings at our Fundraiser/Reunion in September…and we are forever grateful for the outstanding veterinary care available to us. On a positive note, we were able to work with veterinarians in northern New England and the parents of the special needs litter have been spayed and neutered. One of our major accomplishments for 2013!


Working with the Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT. and Protectors of Animals, Glastonbury, CT., we have given a home to NINE cats through our associated CAT Program. We work solely with these two organizations as regards cats and work only with feral cats…all are spayed, neutered, vaccinated…and just need a home, shelter, and food…we are blessed to be able to help!


For 2014, we look so forward to what have become our annual events…

  • Many Open House Functions
  • Coventry Farmers Market Dog Days
  • Animal Welfare Society Dog Days
  • Annual Fundraiser/Reunion


2013 Practices and Highlights Included (and Being Promoted for 2014):

 Participating in school events with various students in Coventry and Manchester…great kids who participated in our events as a community service…

 Spending an exciting day with the Marianapolis Prep School high school kids…an amazing group of young people…

 Participating in a Senior Project…we had the pleasure of participating in a Senior Project with Lu, a wonderful young lady from Rhode Island, who came in during the height of the special needs litter…

 Hearing from Massachusetts students…Cherished are our letters from a Massachusetts Kindergarten Enrichment Program…where the kids wrote letters to Scarpa and Marina…Nodin…Bree…the cats and more…

 Teachers whom we have dealt with in these instances give us great hope for a kinder, more tolerant, and compassionate world.


For 2014 …our goals are to:


  • Help those dogs and cats who cross our path
  • Continue with rescue prevention…help deserving owners keep their pets
  • Promote kindness and compassion in working with rescuers of tomorrow
  • Focus on visibility and transparency
  • Please keep in touch with us through our website and Facebook and watch for upcoming functions!

    We again thank you all for your constant support…you are all amazing! Hoping that you can all make it to our Fundraiser/Reunion in 2014…seeing each dog that has been placed through rescue will bring tears to your eyes…these are dogs who you all have helped with your donations and your support…please plan on coming…we would love to see you all … best to you for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2014!

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