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2019 In Review

2019 in Review


In March of 2020, That Newfoundland Place will be 10 YEARS OLD! We have had an amazing 10 YEARS! During this time 270 dogs have been placed. Most of the placements have been Newfoundlands though other giant breeds have come through our Coventry CT location as well.

Working with other amazing rescues has helped us find homes for some small dogs who have crossed our path … thank you Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT!

Helping to keep dogs in their homes is also a huge goal of That Newfoundland Place by giving vet assistance, food assistance, training and more. Many have been kept in their loving homes during these 10 years. A large number of CATS have also been helped.

Dogs who are surrendered to us each year come from a variety of backgrounds. Many are due to family hardship, divorce, death, illness, foreclosure and more. Some of the dogs are toss outs by back yard breeders or puppy mills. In order to be able to help more Newfoundlands in need, That Newfoundland Place became a member of the Puppy Mill Rescue Team…an organization that we feel is amazing and beyond compare!

Our 2019 dogs placed include Anna the Saint Bernard. We had her spayed, had her eyes repaired and she is now living the life in New York with an amazing family.  It turns out she likes to go boating!

Tipper, a black Newf and Daisy, a Landseer … we had them vetted and Daisy needed her eyes repaired…lovely girls who we were determined to keep together…they live with Dad and Mom and three wonderful kids in New Hampshire.

Diamond and Kracken … two beautiful German Shepherds… we had them vetted, spayed, neutered, and both are living in CT with two lovely families.

April of 2019 saw GUS take up residence with none other than our own Shyann and JD! This boy has been swimming, attending training and DOING YOGA!

Hooper (now called Townie) went to live in MA in June, 2019…an amazing home on the water and being so spoiled…he’s loving it!

Jake, a Landseer, and Gabe, a black Newf were surrendered due to owner death. Another pair who were closely bonded. Gabe is older and was already neutered so he left first. Then once Jake was neutered, the wonderful adopter came back and said…I’ll take Jake too! These boys are now living together in their new home in NY.

We’ve been able to keep two bonded pair of Newfs together this year… not an easy feat!

Jasmine, 5 year old black female…we had her spayed and vetted and she is living here in town with a wonderful family who has an oldie from TNP, adopted years ago. Jasmine, now called Maybelle, loves her older brother Charles!

Two year old Kimber came to us by way of New York. A beautiful black Newfoundland who was placed in May, 2019 with former adopters…she is living with her Newf brother, Tank, and wonderful people!

Lily came to us at the end of 2018. She was in extremely poor shape and could not stand. It was close to a miracle. Little by little, with the help of good nutrition and appropriate exercise, we could see her straightening out her back legs and beginning to be able to stand. She was with us for a few months. We had her vetted, spayed, saw a specialist, and we found that there are some neurological issues. She has come a long way and is in a loving home that knows exactly how to manage Lily. She loves her family and they love her. A very happy ending to a sad beginning. If you have attended any of our open house functions, we’re sure you’ve met her!

Little Man, a beautiful brown Newf, came in during early 2019. He was not getting along with the other male in the house. He is young and active. He now lives with long time TNP friends and seasoned Newf owners in UTAH! The only dog in the house and he loves the attention! You may see him in the driver seat of their RV from time to time!

Mason who is now Remy…living large! Came in as a pup…too much for the family to handle…lives in MA with super people! He’s a happy, busy boy!

Rocky, a 2 year old black Newf, came in during May, 2019. Family illness. He’s a small and sweet Newf with a HUGE coat! Friendly and loving and is now living in Rhode Island with an amazing young woman.

Wilma, a beautiful Landseer, vetted, spayed, and placed with a tremendous family in New Jersey. For those on our Facebook, we are certain you see her family pictures all the time!

Henry, quite the handsome Landseer boy…we had him vetted, neutered and introduced him to his perfect home. Henry lives in CT BUT spends his winters around the pool in FLORIDA!

Seventeen dogs placed in 2019 … Wally and Zelma still with us waiting for a home where they can thrive together… TNP has spayed and neutered dogs in other parts of the country so that they could safely be placed in new homes with the help of wonderful rescues with which we collaborate … and many more dogs have been helped with our assistance.

We are grateful to our TNP volunteers who help care for these dogs in need… from sending out our information to doing home checks to getting them to vet apts, helping them heal after surgery, helping with our fundraising and helping keep our books in order!

We are grateful to our Vet, Dr. Wendy Ernst and Kirby Vet hospital for everything they do for us … and believe me, it’s A LOT!

And we are so appreciative and grateful for our supporters … without your help, we would not be able to do what we do.

Happy New Year to all! Best of Health and Happiness for 2020!

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