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2015 Recap

2015 in Review

Hi All,

The year 2015, our fifth year as That Newfoundland Place, was a good year…presented its challenges…its sad times and its good times. We are going to give you a re-cap of what happened in 2015!

In 2005, while we were still volunteering for NCNE Rescue, Ed and I took in a dog called “Bea” … we affectionately called her “Aunt Bea”… I’m sure some of you remember her. Aunt Bea had serious orthopedic issues…she needed to have special supplements…and she needed to do exactly as she wished…she had use of the dog door and the handicap ramp that Ed built and could enter and exit the house as she wished… she did great for years here…sadly, she passed in February 2015…at the age of 11. Many people have come to visit and have asked for her…she is certainly a missed fixture here!

The first placement for 2015 for That Newfoundland Place was Kate. Kate…an amazing girl…AND bilingual to boot … came from Canada to us … and now lives in North Carolina with long time Newf owners … an amazing family. They actually traveled back to Connecticut for our Rescue Reunion and Annual Fundraiser … so great to see them all … and Kate looks SUPER!

Bruin was our second placement in 2015. She came in due to a huge change in family lifestyle. She was well loved and well cared for … an amazing girl! All here fell in love with her! After being vetted and given a clean bill of health, she was an easy placement to one of our fabulous waiting adopters…Bruin now lives with an awesome family in Mass.

During the first quarter, we were asked for assistance with a litter of pups.  We took in four…two males, two females. We had them completely vetted and micro-chipped…and then placed in wonderful homes. They are Coco, Loki, Bella, and Tucker. All four are doing well and thriving. We were able to see most of them at our annual function…how fast they grow!

This year was a time for pups…we also took in Gordon…who was approximately 10 weeks old…adorable Landseer…he was a victim of family allergies … Gordon went into foster with one of our long time adopters and they became foster flunkies…fell in love with him and he now is living in East Berlin, CT.

Then came Phoebe…she had a broken leg as a young pup…we took her in at approximately 16 weeks of age…on vet exam, it was discovered that her break had not healed properly and she had a luxating patella as a result. Our Boarded Surgeon…our lifeline to remedying orthopedic issues…performed surgery…she healed here with us and is now living with her Newf brother in New York.

Grace and Roy, adults, were surrendered to us during the second quarter 2015. Temperaments amazing…both needed to be spayed/neutered and vetted. Our volunteers spent much time with them to help socialize and get them ready for a family and life of their own. They were with us for a while, putting on weight, healing from surgery, getting used to new people and places. Currently, Grace and Roy live in Rhode Island.

Summer was a busy time. We had a young male surrendered. The family no longer had time for him. With the kids out of school on summer vacation, the dog had to go.  Sammy is young and exuberant…after all the vet work was completed and he was healed…Sammy became a New Yorker also…with long time rescue adopters.

Smokey, a young grey male, was surrendered to us at six months old. Too much for the owner both physically and financially, she felt she had no choice.

After being vetted, Smokey was placed with a young, experienced dog family and is living in New Hampshire.

Kato, Caesar, and Lady were also summer placements. Kato’s owner developed a health situation…Caesar was a family hardship situation, and Lady needed a more experienced home. All were seen by our vet…necessary medical procedures performed, volunteers spent time with them to ensure that they would make a good first impression for potential owners…and they were adopted by loving families…Connecticut, Cape Cod, and New Hampshire are where they are residing!

Charles was a victim of divorce … he came to us scared to death of everything…it took weeks of dedicated work to get him to trust enough to take a treat…even being petrified…Charles never showed one ounce of aggression…once all his work had been done, he was ready for a special home. Charles lives with an amazing couple in CT who have had multiple rescues from us over the years.

Late summer also brought in Molly. She had been owner surrendered to the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, CT. We work very closely with AWS. Once it was realized that Molly was losing her vision, she came to us. Immediately she was taken to Rhode Island to an eye specialist. After going through all the pre-testing, cataract surgery … a lense was implanted … and leaving the vet that day after surgery, it was very clear that Molly could see.  This was a group effort on the part of The Animal Welfare Society, The Newfoundland Club of New England, and That Newfoundland Place…and took months from start to finish to get her ready for a new home. She will be on eye drops for life. Molly is now living in CT with a long time adopter…and will have swimming access all the time…her FAVORITE thing to do!

Third quarter 2015 brought us Hunter and Sully due to a devastating family tragedy. Both older, grey Newfoundlands…some orthopedic issues that must be managed as well as dry eye…a family in Mass has opened their home to these two oldies…steps are out of the question for Sully and not so easy for Hunter either…they are in a situation where steps are not necessary…they are loved and hugged all the time and are thriving in their new life.

Jasper’s owner died…the daughter had dogs of her own and realized that Jasper would be happier in a home of his own…we took Jasper…vetted…and he was ready to go…amazing temperament and disposition. Jasper was adopted by a former adopter who had just lost his young dog to renal issues…a match that we say was made in heaven!

Baby Bianca and Piper were the most recent to come in to our rescue. We had some health issues to overcome…which have been done…and Bianca is living with her “foster” family who has decided that they need to make her part of their family. She has an older Newf brother…also a rescue from us.  Actually, her Newf brother is our second bilingual placement this year! We are pretty sure Bianca will also have that amazing talent of being able to understand another language!

Piper is still here with us…just healed from being spayed…our volunteers working with her to teach her sit and down and help her keep her bounciness in check…actually, Piper will be our first placement of 2016…she is leaving on 1/9/2016… we are so excited for her!

So for 2015, a total of 22 dogs have been through our facility in Coventry, CT.

In addition to dogs who have come through That Newfoundland Place… we have continued to help dogs and their people in a variety of situations…Van, Peanut, Sebastian, Samson, Sugar, Guinness, Grizzly and Ralph to name some…not all have been Newfoundlands!

Direct placements were possible where the surrendering party had all pertinent vet paperwork, dogs were already spayed or neutered, evaluating the dog indicated sound temperament and qualified homes waited. Direct placements/referrals are always an option with a qualified, experienced adopter. A number of direct placements were also done in 2015. Know that if for some reason, it doesn’t work, TNP takes the dog back as though we had placed the dog directly.  Maggie was placed in this way.

So…our tally for dogs for 2015 is 31 … and our tally for our first five years as That Newfoundland Place is 174 … dogs who actually came through our facility and those who we have been able to help … the vast majority being Newfoundland and giant breed dogs.

TNP has taken in feral cats to live in our colony and have helped place cats who were not feral colony candidates. One amazing cat was treated for a thyroid issue… treatment called Radio Cat… to ensure that he would be able to be placed in a great home.  We have also helped families in financial hardship keep their cats by assisting with annual vaccinations, spays and neuters. Total cats equal 14 for this year.

We have helped dog owners purchase food…we have held events where people were able to perform community service…we have participated in community events…Open House functions are on going … we are here to talk and answer questions and basically have an open door policy for anyone who needs assistance…this will continue for 2016 … and we are striving to do better every year!

The opportunity to work with other rescues and to be able to help those in need stem from our great support system…our donors … our volunteers … our network of outstanding veterinarians … our adopters … we are forever grateful for YOU!

A Happy and Healthy 2016 to all!!!!





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