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2023 RECAP


It was another busy year at That Newfoundland Place as we placed 24 Newfs in new homes for a variety of reasons. In addition, TNP helped keep numerous dogs in their home by providing vet care, grooming and food. TNP receives calls all the time from people looking for help not only for their dogs – and not all Newfs – but also one-off help for their cats. Many, many of these situations have come up in 2023 where we have assisted.

As most know, TNP uses only a few qualified fosters. We are grateful for the help we receive from these amazing people who take TNP dogs into their homes, work with them to socialize, get them to the vet for their vet work, re-hab them after surgery, and care and love them until it’s their time to move to a permanent home. For this, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to Lori Babcock in New York; Shannon Bozeat in New York; Rebecca White in Massachusetts; Faith Ferguson in Connecticut; Shyann Torstenson in Connecticut; Brenda Clair in Pennsylvania; Deb Herring in Ohio; Nancy Weaver in New Jersey.

Let’s take a look at all the wonderful dogs that were adopted in 2023:



Ava, a cute little brown girl who was surrendered due to no longer getting along with another female dog in the house, started off the new year. She came to us from New York with the assistance of the Animal Control Officer in her town. We had her vetted and spayed. She is now living in Connecticut and doing great with her Newfoundland brother, Sidney.

Ollie, a beautiful young Landseer male came to us when his owner passed unexpectedly. We were contacted by Ollie’s owners’ friends and vet. Ollie was vetted and neutered and placed in an amazing home on Long Island. His Christmas pictures show he is doing wonderfully and is a very spoiled boy!



Breezie came to us a stray that was not claimed. She is a very sweet girl who gets along with everyone. The vets put her at 5 years old. She was vetted and now lives in Pennsylvania and loves her life going for walks and car rides. Her people have tons of Newf experience and Breezie is living large!



Blue Boy came in to us back in 2022 from a MILL. He was with us for months, with our TEAM in New Jersey, in a foster, and here at TNP. He was a project for sure. A wonderful and sweet boy, he had heartworm when we got him. So, it was trips to a cardiologist as well as our regular vets. He had to be neutered as well. Finally, when Blue Boy was ready to go to his permanent home, we took a Ferry ride to Long Island, Blue Boy and I, to meet his new mom and dad. It is a match made in heaven. From a MILL to the beaches of Long Island – quite the change.

Sage, was not even 2 when she arrived from New York.  A divorce situation led to the best decision for Sage – a new, loving home. After vetting and spaying Sage is thriving and is now a resident of Connecticut.



Princy, 3 years old, has an interesting story and is a globetrotter. She originally came from Russia as a pup, sold to a military family. The family was transferred from the West Coast to the East Coast and Princy was too much dog for them. They luckily gave her to a kind couple in New England who sought out TNP. We had her vetted and spayed and she is now living in Massachusetts. Princy is a sweet, loving girl, very typical Newfie temperament!



Jasper, now Joey, is a 6-year-old male Newfie with an amazing disposition! Changes in family dynamics brought Jasper to TNP from Pennsylvania. Once vetted and neutered, he was placed in a Newf experienced home in Massachusetts and lives with a Newf sister.

Val, came from a hoarding situation in New York, one of three we took from that location. Dogs from these types of situations take time to acclimate. Once vetted and spayed and when it was felt she was ready to move on, she went to a home with amazing Newf experience in New York.

Ruthie, an 8-year-old, came from Pennsylvania when her owner became ill and could no longer care for her but truly loved her. He turned her over to someone who offered to help. Once we were contacted, we worked with the foster to get Ruthie vetted. Ruthie was diagnosed with SAS. We took care of testing and vetting. Ruthie is thriving, still in Pennsylvania, with her foster mom and savior Brenda!

Sullivan, a year-old male from New Jersey, was surrendered due to family hardship. Once vetted, he was placed in New Jersey with an amazing family.



Two-year-old Matilda was surrendered with her brother Yoggi due to family hardship and changes. Both were from Connecticut and needed to be vetted and spayed/neutered. When ready to go to new homes, each went to amazing homes! Matilda went to a home in New Jersey and Yoggi is living in Pennsylvania.

Jelly Bean, the second of three in a hoarding situation from New York, is just shy of 2 years old. Once acclimated to real life, she was vetted and spayed and is now living a fun filled Newfie life in Massachusetts with a Newf brother and sister.

Family hardship brought 3-year-old Neptune to TNP from Pennsylvania. After vetting and neutering, Neptune went to a Newf experienced home in New Jersey.

Pumpkin, a young male from Connecticut was surrendered to TNP due to his owner not having enough time for him. Believe me, it showed!! Once vetting and neutering were done, and a ton of time spent with him, he went to his new home, also in Connecticut. He is currently doing weekly training classes that TNP helps with financially. He adores his new person and we want to help him be the dog he is supposed to be!

Fiona is a 5-year-old female surrendered to TNP due to family and work changes. An amazing girl, she went from New York City to the country in Maine, which is amazing for her because she loves to swim!



Spencer is a 2-year-old male from Delaware. Once vetted and neutered he went to his new home in Massachusetts and continues to do awesome!

18-month-old Delilah from Pennsylvania came to us due to family hardship. Delilah was definitely in need of training! After being vetted she is doing terrific living in Massachusetts with a well-seasoned Newf owner. Her new life consists of long walks and the ocean!

August brought another new experience. We were called for help with a French Bull Dog who was a few days in labor whose owner had no money for a c-section, and one rescue had backed out on taking her. We had the Frenchie signed over to us and within an hour, a c-section was done by our amazing vets. Our goal was to save the mama and we were told initially not to expect live pups after all the time in labor BUT there were puppies! We spent the end of summer raising Frenchie pups and getting them ready for their new homes. Two are living in Connecticut, two in Massachusetts, one in California, and one in New York. Mom has been spayed and is doing great!



Layla, a 4-year-old female from New Jersey, was surrendered due to family hardship. She was spayed and vetted and is residing in New Jersey and doing well. She moved in like she had been there forever!

Faith, aka Kona, is a 5-year-old tiny brown girl, adorable and sweet, from New Jersey. After her spay and vetting, she was placed in a home in Massachusetts with folks who have had Newfs for decades. Kona, named after the coffee, is thoroughly enjoying her new life of walks and visits to the coffee shop daily!



Hank, roughly 3 years old, was picked up as a stray in Pennsylvania and became another unclaimed Newfie stray. Our New Jersey Team got the call and the dog was signed over to TNP. A lovely boy, once all vetting was done, he went to a Newf experienced home in Massachusetts and is doing great.

Kai, from Massachusetts, came to us in May 2023 as his owner had to move and could not find a living situation that would allow him to keep his dog. TNP held Kai for a few months to try to help this young man but when it because clear that this was not going to work for him or the dog, the dog was signed over to TNP. We had him neutered and vetted and he is now living with an amazing young couple in Massachusetts enjoying hiking and training!

Three-year-old Ringo from Pennsylvania came to TNP from a family hardship situation. Once vetted and neutered, Ringo, now called Angus, went to his new home in Georgia.



Phyllis is another unclaimed stray from New York. Newfie folks were contacted by the shelter in that area, and they reached out to TNP. This shelter was amazing, and they did all the vet work before turning her over to us. We got to know Phyllis, who is now Mia, and she is now living in Connecticut with former Newf owners and doing awesome.



Laney, a 1-year-old female from New York, was too much for her owners and was surrendered to TNP. Once vetted and spayed, and time spent with her acclimating to people and places, she went to her new home in Massachusetts and lives with her new Newf big brother.


TNP wishes everyone a happy, healthy 2024! We are grateful for your care and support of all the dogs that passed through TNP this year! 

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