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2020 RECAP


What a year this has been! Whereas 2020 started out on a normal note, things sure went down hill fast! That Newfoundland Place turned 10 years old in March of 2020. Up until that time we had 270 dogs, mostly Newfoundlands, come in through our gates and exit these same gates to new forever homes! Reasons for surrenders during 2020 remain the same … family hardship, illness, job loss, back yard breeder or puppy mill toss outs.

January 2020 started with us taking in three Newfie brothers… a hardship situation. After vetting, which included neutering, each went to their new home… Huck left in January for MA; Monte and Atlas left in Feb and are in CT and NH!

January also brought us Jack the Greyhound and Beau the Standard Schnauzer due to owner illness. Jack was adopted from TNP by a long time Greyhound lover and lives in MA. Beau was adopted in working with one of our sister rescues…the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, CT., and lives in CT.

Koda and Rosie arrived and left in March … again due to family hardship. Both were vetted and were looking good! Each went to their new home right before the world shut down! Koda lives in Long Island; Rosie, a Landseer, is in CT.

May, 2020 brought Maya from NY…a lovely black 2 year old female. Owners felt a new home was in order. Maya is energetic and was knocking the little kids over. After being vetted Maya is now living the life in MA.

Quinn was a puppy when she arrived in May. Too much for her owner at 12 weeks old. She was fostered by our Shyann and JD and learned a lot! The best thing she learned was how to swim and LOVES the water! Quinn is now living in CT and doing super!

Hudson also arrived in May, 2020…at 5 months old, he was too much for his owners. He went to his new home in June and lives in NY on a beautiful lake with former adopters.

June, 2020 also brought us a deaf Frenchie puppy! The timing was perfect as my neighbors had recently lost their little dog and were looking to get another small dog…Bella the adorable Frenchie now lives next door to me! She’s been spayed and is often seen riding by in the car with her family, wearing a variety of adorable doggie outfits!

Rudy also came through TNP in June…a terrier/yorkie mix…after our own Krisy took him to the vet, he made it as far as her mothers house…where Rudy is now living large with Betty, Krisy’s mom!

Angus left for his new home in July, 2020. Yet another pup too much for his former owner! He is now living with his older sister Newf and a family with kids in NH and doing fantastic!

Five to 6 year olds, Alfie and Rita, arrived in Coventry mid summer also…they were being held at the Chautauqua County Humane Society in upstate NY. The people there are amazing! They tried placing them from there but realized that these Newfs may do better being placed by a Newf Rescue and called us for assistance. With transport help, we got the dogs here and each are now in their new home. Alfie left at the end of July and Rita in mid August … both are in MA … each doing very well with their new families.

July, 2020 also brought us Big Boy… an 11 year old black Newf whose owner passed. Our own Annette and Rich have given this sweet boy a home!

Wick, yet another young pup, a Landseer, arrived in Coventry in September. He was surrendered due to family illness. He left in October with his new family and lives in CT.

The end of September saw the arrival of three 8 week old Frenchies who were in need of help due to some eye and hairlip issues. One of our vets adopted one, one is currently being fostered by the vet tech, and one is here with us. We will update on these cute little dogs once we know what the future holds for them.

Peaches is a 3 year old black female who was living in Michigan with an amazing family who saw her through two cruciate surgeries. She had a horrible puppy mill past prior to getting to these kind people. You may have read her story on our Facebook. Hardship made it impossible for them to keep her. With a TON of transport help, we got her to CT. She was adopted in October by an amazing family in Long Island with Newf experience. Peaches got to walk on the beach this summer… and was loving that!

Four year old Azi arrived in September. She was no longer able to get along with the other older female in the house. She spent a couple months here with us as we had her eyes evaluated by a specialist. It took a couple of visits and a variety of eye drops to determine the best plan for her. As of November, 2020, Azi now Maisie, is loving life living in NC!

Rilla, a 2 year old black female, arrived in December, surrendered due to owner illness. After being checked by our vet, she was on her way to MA with a long time Newf owner whose dogs had recently passed due to old age.

The end of November, 2020 brought us Lucas from a local humane society. We had him neutered and he needed eye surgery to repair one cherry eye. He’s just now healed and is ready to go to his new home…Lucas left for his new home on Christmas Eve with long time adopters and is living in New Hampshire!

How things can change within a day! We were able to get an almost two year old Newf into foster in NY from near the Canadian border during this first snowy week of December … he’s lived chained outside, which we all know is not good for any dog, but especially a Newfoundland who wants to be with his people. He looks like a new dog after grooming and is loving being part of his foster family! He is just now starting to relax IN the house…Good for you, Admiral! Stay tuned for updates! Admiral just may be our first placement for 2021 … in a foster failure situation LOL!

So 2020 has seen the placement of 24 dogs … 17 of which are Newfoundlands … TNP has assisted, as we do normally, with spays and neuters in other parts of the country in order to facilitate the safe placement of dogs in need of new homes. This year has been a year of food donations and assistance with vet expenses in order to help people keep their dogs during this crazy, unstable year.

As always, we are so very grateful to our TNP volunteers who work tirelessly for the dogs and to our vet, Kirby Vet Hospital, Dr. Wendy and staff, who are always there for us.

Our gratitude to our supporters is HUGE!!!! We couldn’t do any of this without you! THANK YOU doesn’t even begin to tell you how we feel!

We wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and SAFE Holiday Season and New Year for 2021. We are looking, hopefully, to more normalcies for 2021 so we can safely get together for our annual events.

Stay safe and well, friends!


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