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2017 Recap

2017 in Review


We were able to help a Newfoundland Regional Club with dogs this year… this was a win win for all … we vetted, spayed or neutered dogs who came in and found them loving homes with amazing families. Hardship was also a bigger issue this year… we were able to help many people and their dogs … NOT all were Newfoundlands but the need was very real and we were so happy to be able to help where we could.

Our placements this year include:

  • Eight year old Annie … a very sweet girl who needed a break…and she got one… lives in NY with an amazing family!
  • Chloe the Newf was a surrender from Maine … at first it was stated that she was a St Bernard mix…clearly she was NOT … she was adopted by a fantastic family in Long Island!
  • Gracie … Some of you may have seen Gracie in action on TNP Facebook site with her new family here in CT … she now has her own little girl and spends time at the barn with horses and is somewhat spoiled, we are happy to say! She had a hard life prior … we are so happy for Gracie!
  • Jasper was our first placement for 2017 … some of you may have met Jasper at our functions…he has developed into a beautiful big boy!
  • Jetta came to us in March … she needed to be spayed and vetted … had a horrendous ear infection that required major care and follow up…Jetta has turned into the perfect girl and is enjoying life with her new family!
  • Juneau arrived at TNP in the early Fall…we knew he was coming ahead of time and had his vet work and neutering done in his former home. After some basic blood work and a good check over by our vet, he was ready to go to his new home! Juneau lives in CT and is thriving!
  • Kashmir was very shy when she arrived at TNP … our volunteers spent much time with her … once vetting was done, she went to live with a former adopter … she has come out of her shyness shell with their patience and kindness and is doing super!
  • Katie … We received a call from an owner who was dealing with two females who were not getting along…sadly they felt that the only solution was to place the younger girl…Katie, a beautiful Landseer, was vetted and placed with a former Newf owner and has made their life complete! Her nickname is “the boss” in her new home!
  • Maxx and Maddie … two five month old pups were owner surrendered due to “too much work and people in the household had time consuming jobs”. Kudos to the former owner for realizing that these pups needed more than they could give them. Once vetted, each went to their new home… Maddie, now Koda lives in Rhode Island and Maxx now Darcy lives in CT! We are looking forward to seeing them as they grow up at some of our events!
  • Marlin, an eight year old female, was an owner surrender in the Fall of 2017. We had her spayed, her ear infection cleared up, her entropic eyes repaired plus the normal vetting that we do and she was ready to go. Though her adopters had stated that they wanted a young dog, once they laid eyes on Marlin, it was love at first sight! Marlin is living large with her two new brothers!
  • Max, with one “x” was our second placement for 2017. An eight month old Landseer pup, he was surrendered by owner for a shortage of time for him. Max was vetted and placed in CT with long time Newfoundland owners. He is one smart cookie!
  • Matilda, a middle age Saint Bernard came in with intestinal issues…she is still here with us as we are not sure what’s going on … we had her stomach tacked and she has now been spayed…more blood work needed…but she will be with us for now.
  • Murphy… eight years old … initially called a Newf Mix…is in fact NOT! It doesn’t matter one bit to her new owner…Murphy called Murph the Smurf … is smart, agile, and amazing! This girl and her new owner are very lucky!
  • Nellie, a five year old female… family hardship from CT … our last take in for 2017 … she will be groomed and spayed this week … she will be our first placement for 2018!
  • Otis, an eight month old male Newf was quite the handful for his owners … with kids and another dog and moving, they felt it would be more fair to Otis to find him an awesome home…they trusted us to do that … Otis was vetted and placed with long time adopters … He also has a presence on our TNP Facebook page… he is living large!
  • Becca was surrendered, spayed and vetted…an older girl, her foster home fell in love with her and has decided to give Becca a permanent and loving home! Good girl Becca!
  • Samson, a three year old Landseer male was surrendered by his family… there was talk of not getting along with the other male in the house … he was fostered by one of our volunteers and taken to the vet…which is when we found out he had heartworm … treatment was completed and after being with us for about three months, he was ready to go to his new home. He is an only dog with one gentleman and is spoiled and loving his new life!
  • Puck was surrendered to the Animal Welfare Society…as rescue organization with which we are proud to be affiliated. After being neutered and vetted, he was adopted by a wonderful family in CT. We saw him at our Reunion in October and he looked wonderful and happy!
  • Otto, a black Newf, was about four months old when he was surrendered by a Mass owner. Often people don’t realize the level of commitment it takes to raise a pup…especially a male pup…the owners made a selfless decision and turned him over to TNP. After vetting and getting to know Otto…he was placed in an experienced home with a beautiful pool! It was July and Otto spent his summer swimming! Looking forward to seeing how he’s grown up in 2018.
  • Serena, an 8 year old Newf female, came into TNP due to owner hardship. She was spayed and vetted and placed in a wonderful home in CT. She is coming out of her shyness and is doing very well.

The dogs listed are dogs who actually came through our hands. Each dog takes time … for vetting, for healing, for grooming, for training, for getting to know his or her individual personality before we can even think about a placement. We are fortunate and grateful that we have wonderful homes waiting … but it has to be the right dog. Our volunteers work very hard … fostering, transporting, training and grooming and just spending time with the dogs… to ensure that the correct decision on placement is made. If you have been waiting to adopt, please be patient. If you are looking to adopt, please review our process on our website…it is very specific.

In addition to the dogs listed, many with hardship were helped as well as making referrals.

Apollo…a ten year old Newf … people reached out on social media … this was in June, 2017 … a very kind young woman took Apollo in … we are grateful that we were able to help with vet expenses for care and medication to make the end of Apollo’s life comfortable.

We were able to help a Newf in the south … a victim of Irma … with food and needed medical.

We assisted with food donations in several instances this year.

Bella, a 6 year old female English Bull Dog, who was not yet spayed…Pyometra is a very real disease … one spays to avoid this disease…we were able to help with vet expenses to spay Bella before she ended up with Pyometra!

With the help of a Newf owner, it was brought to our attention that a dog with Pyometra was in trouble as her owner could not afford the surgery…spaying with Pyometra is much more expensive than a regular spay… this Newf owner went out of his way to locate the gentleman who owned the dog through his vet hospital and helped raise donations for TNP to pay for the spay…Foxcy has been spayed and is doing great! Foxcy is a Pit Mix and is adorable!

Recently, because of the caring of one of our volunteers, we assisted an owner who had run into hard times with spaying and neutering two Cane Corso pups.

Ella, a female Newf, had to be surrendered … she had an amazing home in NC however getting her there from New Mexico was a challenge. We assisted with the needed vaccs and medical to get her to her new home. She is doing amazingly well … you can see her on TNP Facebook page!

Legion, a young Newfoundland in NH needed a Boarded Internist to look at his condition…we were able to help with a referral and the vet expense for this procedure … we are waiting to see how the family may be able to proceed.

Winter … a beautiful Newfoundland went to her new home on our referral…approved homes that we have waiting!

TNP gives sanctuary to those who are old or sick and cannot be placed…we save room for these dogs when we can … we also work with feral cats … giving them a chance … all cats are from either Animal Welfare Society or Protectors of Animals and are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. This year we took in 7 new feline residents.

So… our scope is much larger than taking in a dog and placing a dog…we hear from many looking for advice or a vet referral … we are fortunate to have the contacts we have that have been built over decades … we are fortunate to have dedicated and kind volunteers… and we are also fortunate to have the tremendous support … your support! Hoping everyone has a Happy and Healthy 2018 … an amazing year to beat all others! We hope to see you at some of our 2018 events!

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