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2016 Recap

2016 in Review


Happy New Year, friends!


That Newfoundland Place just completed its SIXTH YEAR! We are so proud of this accomplishment! Who knew when we started this organization that we would be so very blessed with such amazing support!


So… here’s what we did this year!


Addie Girl, 18 months old, came to us from a family where she stopped getting along with the smaller female dogs in the home. She was tested with our dogs…never had any issues…she was placed with a long time former adopter who had recently lost their older male. She is loving life with her new family…taking long walks and hanging out with the family.


Albert is a Great Pyrenees who we helped stay in his home. Living in Caribou Maine, he needed vetting and neutering…he was definitely a handful for his owners. By neutering Albert, he was able to stay with the family he loved and who loved him…he became much easier to handle! A lot of area between veterinarians in Caribou…but we found someone who could handle this giant breed!


Atlas was placed on our referral to the Newfoundland Club of New England rescue. We recognized that Atlas might be the perfect dog for Bernie and family, also former and long time adopters. They met and it was love at first sight…thank you NCNE for orchestrating this adoption!


Apollo the Labrador…due to skin issues, Apollo was not easily placeable. After living here in Coventry for an extended period, we decided that he would be one of our “sanctuary” residents. He loves it here, loves to swim, and loves his people here so here he is staying.


Beautiful Beau…arrived on the day before our annual Fundraiser and Reunion along with two females, Valentine and Sophie. The three had been living in a kennel with a breeder who was no longer able to care for them. She unselfishly relinquished ownership to Beth Grispin, a friend, who called That Newfoundland Place. After vetting, spaying, neutering, etc., Beau now lives in North Carolina with long time adopters. Sophie lives in Connecticut and does the Reading Program with her two children in the home and also works at an assisted living facility with her owner/Mom. Valentine resides in Mass. with her new family and will be spending time over the summer on Cape Cod! Three very happy new beginnings!


Belle, now known at Bella, was a victim of a family hardship. Too much for the family to handle, she came to TNP. She was adopted by Donna and Bill…and is living large in South Carolina! At eighteen months old at time of adoption, she is certainly keeping her new parents busy!


Bertha, who has taken up “sanctuary” residence here in Coventry, continues to do well. Her skin and coat continue to improve. Bertha has been her for over three years now and this is her home.


Bindy is a small terrier mix … when her owner became ill, she was taken in by an elderly woman in a senior living situation. Bindy needed some care and grooming. TNP helped get this done so that her new owner could keep her and keep her comfortable. Our thanks to Sue Perry for helping with this!


You may have read in our updates that a breeder of Newfoundlands decided to end her breeding program. Whereas this individual could have sold her breeding stock to other breeders, she unselfishly opted to reach out to our organization for help in placing them in loving homes. All of these dogs had to be spayed, neutered, and vetted. TNP worked with the breeder to get this done. While we are still taking dogs in from this situation during the first quarter of 2017, 2016 saw wonderful homes and loving families for Chloe… living in Rhode Island, Joey … also in Rhode Island and not too far from Chloe … Gloria … living in southern CT, Jasper… living in northern CT, and Scarlett … loving life on Long Island!


Then came Delilah…living in a garage at only a few months old, she was taken in by a very kind young lady… but with a dog of her own and young children, she realized that keeping Delilah would not be fair to her…puppies need training and tons of attention… so Delilah came to TNP… we had her spayed and vetted and she is now living in CT as an only, spoiled little girl… with owners who are absolutely THRILLED that she LOVES the water! Good for you Delilah!


Dexter came to us earlier in 2016… after being vetted and neutered, we had our work cut out for us in deciding where he was going! People attending our open house events fell in love with him…but we try to pick what is best for the dog…we had a tie on this one…but thankfully we had two amazing dogs at the time…so we were able to place one with each well qualified family…a HUGE win for all! Dexter now resides in Vermont…and was recently featured on our That Newfoundland Place Facebook page!


We were fortunate in being able to help another “Dexter” … a senior hound mix… we saw help was needed and reached out to the Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland and helped with a donation to get the medical this oldie needed done so that he could enjoy the rest of his life.


In August, 2016, Dozer, a rescue Newfoundland, bloated. These things always happen at the very worst time…bloat is deadly and surgery is expensive. We were able to help the family with a donation … Dozer is a love and made it through the tough surgery…he is doing super and was actually able to attend our Annual Fundraiser and Reunion at the end of September… we were thrilled to have him visit!


During the early summer of 2016, we heard of an old Newfoundland … 12 ½ years old…who was living at the family home/kennel with a caretaker bringing the dog food once a day…it started out … and some of you may remember on Facebook … as an old male … named Teddy … however turned out to be an old female named Fifi … the family worked with us and TNP took Fifi … she immediately moved in with a local family … kind people who always open their home to an “oldie” regardless of issues … Fifi had an amazing six months loving life and being loved … she was diagnosed with Lymphoma at 13 years old.


Some may remember Jack the one eyed Newfoundland … the boy needed a new home, more attention than he was getting … awesome owners worked with us to get Jack from way up in New York to a wonderful home we had waiting in Maine! Jack is thriving and his new owners are thrilled!


We received a call from a young lady with a Labrador, also named Jack! What a coincidence that Jack the Lab and Jack the one eyed Newf were close to the same time and both were brown! So Jack the Lab needed a home… we had the vetting done and with the help of one of our rescue colleagues, Jack found a home immediately! Jack moved from Rhode Island to CT!


Louie, a 13 month old Landseer, came in May … young and full of energy … a very sweet boy … once neutered and vetted and healed, he was ready to move to his new home. He was given up due to owner relocation … the owner had three dogs but could only take two … so a fair choice on the part of the owner… he took the two older dogs and gave us the young one for a new home. Louie spends his days on the beach, in the water, playing in the sand, with his adopted Great Pyr sister and his human boy!


Lucy and Stella… if you are on our Facebook, you’ve seen these amazing girls! Owner became ill and was looking for more for her girls … we took Lucy and Stella … had them spayed and vetted in their original home so they could heal comfortably … this was going to be a big move and adjustment for them. Less than two years old, these girls have energy! Our goal was to keep them together but we were not sure we would be able to do it … long time adopter approached us once she saw them…initially was taking one … that was ok…but then decided that there was no way she could take one and not both! She’s recently had her yard re-fenced and secured to accommodate her new “kids”! Thanks, Brenda!


Mona … a 5 year old Landseer with entropic eyes and arthritis … thank you to the folks watching out for her … we received a call … it was felt she wasn’t being cared for properly … Mona was turned over to TNP … we had her eyes repaired and once healed Mona was adopted by a wonderful woman who has done so much for her arthritis via holistic veterinarians … Mona spends her time between a Lake house in upstate New York and Long Island!


Sweet little Pema … approximately a year old … we had her spayed and vetted … a foster took her to work on her house skills …our huge thanks to Stacy! Now she was ready… Pema was here when Dexter was here … we had two amazing families ready to adopt … what a coincidence that both families live in VT … two amazing dogs … a lovely predicament to be in! Pema is now enjoying the rushing streams and snow in VT and loving her life!


Pork Chop, a 2 year old Landseer female, came from the city. Her health issues were causing concern with her owner from a potential financial standpoint. She was turned over to TNP. After all vet work was done, she was adopted by long time adopters … nothing scares them … and “Chopper” is now enjoying her life and family in Maine!


Ruby, a 6 year old female, was turned over to TNP due to changes in family dynamics … once we had her vetted, she was ready to go… she is now living on the Cape with her Newfie brother, Caesar and her terrier brother, Archie! Loves life and loves the water…she couldn’t be in a better spot!


Sula and Jammer … their family ran into hardship … these girls had been well treated and loved but the dogs had to be placed … TNP took these sweet 6 year old girls … we had them vetted … we knew they both had some levels of arthritis … they were adopted together by former adopters and are now living a super life in New Hampshire!


Then there was Teddy! A young male… the family realized that he needed more than they could give him time and attention wise…TNP took Teddy…he was petrified … had him vetted … our volunteers spent a ton of time giving him confidence and courage … he was adopted by a family who has had Newfs from us for years … the thrilling part for them this time…Teddy LOVES THE WATER! A HUGE plus! Teddy now resides in New Hampshire!


Other dogs who crossed our path during 2016 and who we were able to help…


-Renee, the 12 year old Standard Poodle, blind, deaf, and neurologically challenged;

-Tequila, the 12 year old Min Pin, we were assisted by the Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT;

-Tequila, an 11 plus year old Newf Mix in Wisconsin, who had been chained for 11 years of his life.


Additionally, we helped dog owners with food, medication, one time vet assistance, etc., to aid in keeping beloved pets in their homes.


Newfoundlands placed in new homes, who came through TNP in 2016, total 22.

Feral cats given a home in 2016 total 12.


Our goals for 2017 include continuing what we have always done:


-Take in dogs needing our help

-Provide complete and outstanding veterinary care as needed

-Work with families to help them keep their dogs … “rescue prevention”

-Continue with our events, open house, annual fundraiser, off site participation in other animal rescue sponsored events, community events

-Promote our offering of community service for local schools to teach kindness, compassion, and tolerance

-Maintain our open door policy for anyone who needs assistance


We enjoy working with other quality rescues and look forward to continuing that practice for 2017. As always, we would not be where we are without our donors…our volunteers … our veterinarians who are beyond outstanding … our adopters … new and long time! We say it every year and we MEAN it every year … we are forever grateful for YOU!


Our best for 2017 and we hope to see you at some of our events this year!

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