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2012 Recap

2012 in Review

It’s hard to imagine That Newfoundland Place has just completed its second full year. Where does the time go?

Our year 2012 included all of our normal events and plans are to do the same in 2013. We are interested in participating with other organizations in functions to become more visible.

  • Open House Functions … every two months
  • Animal Welfare Society Dog Days
  • Coventry Farmers Market Dog Days
  • Support for 4milliondogs.org
  • Our FIRST Annual Fundraiser/Reunion (SECOND coming up on 9/15/2013!)

During 2012, we had our hands on and/or assisted THIRTY FIVE dogs…included in this number:

-Dogs who came in to our rescue in 2012 and are in their new homes!

Bearie                                                  Bo

Brownie                                               Charlie Girl

Chief                                                    Clyde

Gambit the Husky                             Harley

Hazel                                                   Lexi

Mickey                                                 Molly

Molly the English Springer              Munchie the Doxi

Oliver…Lab Rescue Assist            Paislee

Raggs the Border Collie Mix          Rosie


-Dogs who we helped NCNE foster and/or place in 2012!

Fiddler                                                Gilley

Mary                                                    Peter

Sophie                                               Sammie

-Dogs staying with owners who needed assistance

Griz…needed a spot while owners relocated                         Kharma…surgery

Maizie … surgery                                                                           Multiple Spays and Neuters

Multiple routine vet appointments                                              Hope…heart surgery

-Dogs we took in and placed with the help of Animal Welfare Society

Raylan the Mastiff

We also took in Scarpa and Marina during 2012…they remain with us until all surgeries are done and verified related to their devocalization…we are trying to give them a better life and are so grateful to our veterinarians for their expertise in helping these dogs to breathe and live.

We will continue to practice Rescue Prevention during 2013 by helping owners keep their dogs WITH ASSISTANCE. Helping dogs in need will be our focus … Newfoundlands primarily but also mixed and other breeds as we did in 2012.

Our CAT Program will continue in working with Protectors of Animals, Inc., Glastonbury, CT and Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT. In 2012, we gave a home to TEN cats!

Again in 2013, we will focus on our visibility and our transparency. Our work with kids and community service will continue and is growing! We hope to deliver our Virtual Adoption program by expanding the concept into a Virtual Adoption/Foster Program.  All it takes is time, my friends!

Please keep in touch with us through our website and Facebook.


Thank you for your constant support…your kindness and generosity is overwhelming…come and see what you have enabled us to do by visiting at our open house functions and during our 2013 REUNION…see the dogs who have been helped by YOU!

 Our best to you for a Happy and Healthy 2013!

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