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Sebastian needs your help! His story is that he came from a pet store..purchased by the daughter. The mother was deathly allergic and the puppy had to go…all within one weekend! He is now adopted and loved more than ever. He has been learning to be a therapy dog and help people at a local hospital. But Sebastian has developed an issue that will require a surgical procedure estimated at $4,000.00! He has a pronounced lateral deviation of the right hock. His left hock is normal, but excessive load is being placed on the medial side, which has resulted in a large fibrous callus. Sebastian needs a repair of the distal right tibia to prevent progressive issues with his hock, knee and hip. He is only a year old…just a baby. We are going to work with his family to raise the funds needed for his surgery. We, as well, are going to contribute to the cost. ANY help is greatly appreciated! Donations should be earmarked “Sebastian”. Donations can be made through our website… Thank you so much for your consideration!


We are making progress toward funds for this sweet boy! He should be having his surgery by end of April…it will be much easier for him to maneuver without all the snow and ice…good for Sebastian! Thank you all for your kindness and generosity!


Sebastian is scheduled for his surgery on April 21, 2015…we are grateful to you all  for your kindness and generosity! Watch for Sebastian updates!


Sebastian had his surgery…he is wearing an apparatus on his leg for a few weeks…being a young dog, keeping him quiet is a real challenge! He is using his leg and healing. We will keep everyone posted on his progress!


One piece of his apparatus was removed this week…three more weeks the rest is off! YAY! Getting to a normal state! We love that! Sebastian will live a great life! Such a gift for a young dog…thank you all SO, SO much!!!!


ALL of the apparatus has now been removed…some minor healing remains…and soon Sebastian can start swimming! That will be the best exercise for him! Good for you, Sebastian!

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