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2018 Past Events


A FREEZING day! Felt like mid winter...winter coats, hats, gloves...but the turnout was TREMENDOUS! Pics to follow!

MAY 19 AND 20    TNP WILL BE SPONSORING THE “NEWF FOR LIFE” PORTION OF RELAY FOR LIFE … BROOKLYN FAIRGROUNDS, BROOKLYN CT … CONTACT PERSON IS CHRISTINE PALMER (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The weather for the Newf for Life was wet and rainy...but the TEAM did an awesome job and met their financial goal for Relay for Life! Huge thanks to the TEAM for all the work for this amazing cause ... and huge thanks for all the kind and generous donations! 





2017 Past Events


Our annual event was a huge success! What started as a rainy day ended up with terrific weather...rain doesn't stop Newfies OR their people! Thank you to everyone for supporting our event and our cause! We are so, so grateful!

Tons of AWESOME pics on our That Newfoundland Place Facebook! 

September 10, 2017 Sunday...That Newfoundland Place 

Pet Rock Fest Wyman-Gordon Plant, North Grafton, MA

PETROCKFEST ... amazing crowds in MA also ... huge support for That Newfoundland Place ... thank you to our supporters and volunteers for your time and dedication!!!

Coventry Regional Farmers Market, DOG DAYS ...Hale Homestead, Coventry, CT., 

We had an amazing day in Coventry! Huge crowds and super weather! Loved seeing everyone !!! Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped make this happen today!!!


August 20, 2017 Rescue Open House ... awesome weather and terrific company! People got to meet Dolly and Gracie as well as the two pups Max and Madi ... delicious pizza and sandwiches ... honestly ... who could ask for more than this??!! Our heartfelt thanks for your support ... the super donations ... the endless hard work of our volunteers! 


Beautiful weather ... huge turn out ... old friends and so many new people ... delicious pizza ... kiddie pools and some pond swimming ... fun!!!! Thank you to all for coming and for your support ... thanks to our TNP team for all your hard work!


What an amazing and beautiful day for our first open house for 2017! A huge turnout brought wonderful people representing every state in New England and New York! The conversations were amazing and making new friends and seeing old friends is a wonderful gift after such a long winter…all the dogs were well behaved and looked great! Those looking to adopt should please keep in touch with us… periodic emails are a great way to do that… remember that making the right match takes time…we are a rescue … we don’t know what dogs may be coming in and we don’t know when… so patience is appreciated…our sincere thanks for all the cookies…dog and people type…the kind donations of toys, beds, and collars … your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Illiano’s Grill, Yantic, CT for the delicious pizza!!!

2016 Past Events

September 25, 2016 ... Sunday...ANNUAL REUNION AND FUNDRAISER!!!

Our BIG event of the year, friends...Held in Coventry CT ... SUPER lunch...AMAZING brown bag raffle...and was a HUGE SUCCESS! Watch for AWESOME pics!

Click here to view photos of the September 25, 2016 Annual Reunion and Fundraiser Event!

September 11, 2016 ...PET ROCK FEST 2016, Becker College, Leicester Campus, Leicester, MA.

PETROCKFEST… Lori and Christine had a long day…the turn out for the event was awesome though it started with some pretty bad weather…they survived the micro burst that occurred prior to the start of the event … many popups went flying through the air, ending up destroyed in a heap, and dogs from other rescues ran loose when x-pens were uplifted! Lori and Christine, joined by volunteers Kathy Coon and Sharon Antonelli, were soaked as the rain came down sideways while they tried to hold the popup in place. BUT, in spite of all of this everyone had fun. Newf ambassadors Tallulah, Koda and Rafter enjoyed the downpour! After the sun came out, they were joined by Liz Newell and her rescue Newf Brodie. They handed out a lot of literature … met many people and took in some donations! A very touching and heartfelt part of the event was the opening ceremony where all were reminded NEVER to forget 9/11… fifteen years ago … everyone stopped as the national anthem was sung … facing the flag with hands over hearts. What an amazing day and an amazing event!!! Our thanks to our volunteers for the help, the input, and the great pics and video! Thank you, PETROCKFEST for allowing us to be part of this stupendous day!

September 4, 2016 ...Dog Days of Summer ... Coventry Farmers Market

A fun day at the Coventry Farmers Market! Kirby Vet and That Newfoundland Place teamed up with homemade dog cookies! Teddy...a great Newfie greeter was joined by Porter and Mocha and guests! Wonderful ambassadors!!! Beautiful weather and no rain...YAY!

August 21, 2016 ... Sunday ... Open House ...

A very busy Rescue Open House @ThatNewfoundlandPlace on August 21, 2016...thank you to all our volunteers for helping with dogs and set up and helping our guests to enjoy themselves and learn about what we do... it was wonderful to put names and faces together...The pizza was awesome as usual...Thanks to Sara and Vincenzo...Another successful event...We are grateful...And look forward to seeing you all at our Annual Reunion and Fundraiser for 2016 ... September 25! Watch for updates!

July 17, 2016...Sunday...Open House

Our July 17 Open house was a huge success! Tons of people came out to visit...Pucker Street was LINED with cars! Great pizza...kiddie pools and plenty of ice and AC and fans for the dogs and their people! Thanks to our volunteers who came out to help...and thanks to all of our guests who took the time to come and visit! We are so grateful for your support! Watch for pics on our website and our Facebook!

June 5, 2016 ... Sunday ... Open House

Wet, chilly weather did NOT stop people from coming for a visit...from all over New England! Delicious pizza...old homes looking to adopt the right dog...and plenty of canine visitors! Great day! Thank you to all of our volunteers for the super help!

April 24, 2016 ... Sunday .. Open House

Beautiful weather and a HUGE crowd! We have quite a few dogs in and coming in to our Rescue so the turn out was perfect so all could spend time with some amazing dogs! Wonderful to see everyone! Looking forward to our next Open House! 

2015 Past Events


The final open house for 2015 turned out well...good attendance...more applications...and a happy event before we head into winter...always so wonderful to see all of our friends and make new friends...everyone wants to help...we are so grateful! We have dogs coming in constantly...we will need much help...home checks and fosters just to mention a for our plans for 2016! Bless you all and thank you for another positive year for the dogs!



An amazing turn out!!!! At least 150 people and their dogs!!! Excellent food! The raffle was amazing! Weather perfect! Please watch for pics! Now to start getting ready for next year!


WOW! WOW! What a turnout we had!!! So many people took their time to come and visit! Everyone was amazing! Great potential homes for our dogs! Pizza, once again, donated by Illiano's Grill in Yantic was AMAZING!!! We even had a young lady on horseback stop and say hi! Our thanks to everyone for their help and for being a part of our Rescue!!!


Wow! What a turn out! SO many people! So many dogs! We had a great time pairing up with Kirby Vet Hospital! Our homemade cookies were a super hit and people loved the recipe cards! Thanks to all who helped!!!

JUNE 28, 2015 ... Open House

In spite of a wet and raw day, we had a tremendous turn out! Our thanks again to Illiano's Grill in Yantic, CT for supplying the delicious pizza!

May 17, 2015 ... Open House

Seems like we jumped from winter into summer! Open house weather was great but HOT! Had to drag out the kiddie pools! Many came to new applications...delicious pizza from Illiano's Grill in Yantic, CT!

April 19, 2015...First Open House

Perfect weather and a great group of many came back to visit with their dogs and we believe that we found an amazing home for Roy! Pizza was was better! Love that!

November 9, 2014, Open House

Our final open house was held on November Newfie weather! Had some new people come to see what we are about and once again our old friends came to support us...Pizza, soda, and a lot of great conversation!

Though our events are on hold until next year, we are still actively taking in and placing our us for an adoption application...stay with us on our Facebook ... watch for our year end update ... call us with any questions or with any issues...have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season and 2015!

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A HUGE success!!! Perfect weather after a day of solid rain...a great team working together to pull everything together...wonderful friends, many new people, wonderfully behaved dogs! Thank you to everyone who helped, donated, gave their time to come...we are so grateful for you all!! Please see our Facebook for pics as well as our webpage...

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August 17, 2014 ... Open House

We had our open house on Sunday August 17...what a beautiful day!!! Tons of new people and so many of our old friends with their adopted dogs! Two of our special needs pups came back for a visit...Nodin and Tobi ... I think they recognized ...each other! Jaime spent his quiet time in his favorite spot...the kiddie pool! YAY Jaime!! Our thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for the help for the day...for the donations...for everything....couldn't do it without you all! Watch our site for pics and also our FB!

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August 3, 2014...Coventry Regional Farmers Market Dog Days

That Newfoundland Place worked with our vet, Kirby Veterinary Hospital and created and passed out to doggie passer bys home made Frosty Paws and the recipe! Huge hit! Teddy the Newfoundland was the official greeter all day catching pats and hugs from all the kids and their parents. Pearl the Newfoundland made a guest appearance as well! Tons of people and dogs in event that we LOVE participating in each year!

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June 29, 2014 ... Open House

This turned out to be one HOT HOT day! We had light attendance but took in three wonderful for us, that's a great day...old friends stopped by...Pizza was great and company was AMAZING! Dogs took advantage of staying cool in our kiddie pools!

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June 21, 2014...Moosup Flea Market

Hi All! A great day at the Moosup Flea Market, 23 Village Center Circle, Moosup CT...our Linda Pintal was there...this flea market has been a huge supporter of That Newfoundland Place...if you are in that area you should stop by and say hi!

May 18, 2014 ... Open House

A beautiful day and HUGE turnout! Thanks to all who attended and who support us....we are very grateful! For those who are looking to adopt, it's a great way to add a new family member and help a dog in need. Please watch for pics from this event and stay in touch with our site and our Facebook!

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April 6, 2014...Open House

Finally...some SUN and somewhat warmer weather....our first open house for 2014...what a great way to come out of our winter hibernation!!!! Great new home to see our good old friends....and met some great new friends...we are so excited about the unbelieveable homes we have waiting for our for pics!

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November 17, 2013 Open House

November 17, 2013, our last open house for 2013 was held...a great way to end the year meeting some new friends...and seeing a large number of old friends who turned out with their dogs for the afternoon! Watch for pics!

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September 29, 2013 ... Fidelco Walk

We are also supporiting and walking for the Fidelco Walk on September 29...register and walk for the Sue Monroe Team / N-Jake Team! And what a great time we had with Sue Monroe and all the Fidelco amazing to see these dogs work...we are supporting N-Jake!!!


September 21, 2013 ... Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT...Dog Days

What a fun time....we love this event...the cheesie ball race is the BEST!!!!  Pics will be posted...Venus was our ambassador for the Newfoundland Breed....she is AMAZING! So many kids and people stopped to see her...we are so proud of her ... in her little black dress!!!

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Our second annual fundraiser...A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!! TONS OF PEOPLE AND DOGS...and how we LOVE to see everyone year after year...remember we have done this here for almost two decades...even when we volunteered for another rescue we are planning to keep these functions on going!!!! You can now see a ton of pics on Cathy Derench Facebook Page...look for the link! Some pics will also be posted here soon.

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August 24, 2013...a Saturday...RUMMAGE/FLEA/TAG SALE

To be held at 554 Pucker St., Coventry, CT...our RUMMAGE/FLEA/TAG SALE...a Fund Raiser to raise donations for surgery for the two blind pups. Starts at 9 am! All types of items...not solely dog related.... RAIN DATE AUGUST 25, SUNDAY ... HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to all who donated items to our cause!


Aug 4, 2013...Dog Days at Coventry Farmers' Market

What a great day! Weather was perfect...TONS of people...and we had the privilege of being in the Main Field...right next to our veterinarian, Kirby Vet Hospital! So many visited with Venus...she was our Newf Ambassador...and Nodin aka Tiny Tim one of our blind pups was also there to visit with everyone...this is one of our favorite events each year! Thanks to all who helped us with set up...and thanks to all who represented our organization in speaking with people and answering questions! Time went by so fast...we are already looking forward to next year!

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June 23, 2013 ... Open House in Coventry CT

A great turn out...and it was HOT!!!! Thank you to all who came to support give us applications...and to visit dogs! Pics coming up soon! If you are looking to's best to keep in touch with me...thanks so much!

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April 14, 2013...Open House in Coventry CT

Hope to see old friends and meet new friends! What a tremendous day! The weather was chilly...great Newfoundland weather...the people were amazing...and so many people! One of our best open house functions of all times! We are currently lining up home checks and because of the volume of people and dogs currently, we ask that those seriously interested in pursuing an adoption...please KEEP IN TOUCH with us...we thank our volunteers for the help at these functions...and we thank YOU for your support!

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March 12, 2013

Marianapolis Preparatory School Class Trip

What a wonderful day we had! Marianapolis Preparatory School from Thompson, CT planned a school trip to our facility...young adults ranging from freshman to senior signed up to visit our rescue to see how we operated. This group was on a mission to learn about, compare, and contrast different rescue groups. These young adults are kind, compassionate, and wanting to LEARN! They will be the voice of our future...we hope they all return to visit often! Thank you to the educators, Mr. and Mrs. Vitale... for choosing us! Pics to follow!

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February 3, 2013...First Rescue Open House for 2013 !

It was wonderful meeting everyone yesterday at our rescue open house! Even with the FREEZING weather and it being Super Bowl Sunday...the turnout was AMAZING! Old friends...beautiful dogs who are all thriving in their forever homes! Love it! Thanks to everyone!!!!

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November 11, 2012

Rescue Open House

Our last open house for 2012 was wonderful! Great weather and great people! We still have dogs to place but they need medical attention prior to any our adoption pages for updates. Thanks to everyone for their help...and our photographers who support our site!

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November 4, 2012

Puppy Up! Walk

Help support the fight! Walk against cancer again this year! Please check the website at for more information. We are once again a proud Silver Sponsor of this fabulous event! We were not able to attend this year but heard the event was a tremendous success and look forward to participating and sponsoring again next year.

October 21, 2012

Wooded Acres Animal Hospital, New York

Chris Pulver set up a super booth for us on Sunday! I hope many of you got to visit...the home made candy looks AMAZING!!! This is an annual Halloween event. That Newfoundland Place attended last year as well and we look forward to going back in 2013!

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September 23, 2012

Fundraiser / Reunion

For those who remember past annual REUNIONS, this gathering will be along those same lines....a Ziti luncheon followed by a TREMENDOUS RAFFLE! To be held in Coventry, CT as in the past.

Our fundraiser reunion was a success! Great people with their dogs and new people looking to adopt were in attendance. That Newfoundland Place received amazing support from companies and individual donors...beautiful baskets, hand made quilts, baked goods, wonderful raffle items...the list goes on and on...we are so grateful to everyone!

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September 22, 2012

Animal Welfare Society Dog Days of Summer

This is a really FUN event to attend...located at 8 Dodd Rd., New Milford, CT...THIS is the original location of the Cheesie Ball have to see this to believe it!

We hope many were able to attend the AWS Dog Days of Summer...we were preparing for our own event and were not able to attend this year...hopefully the timing for all will be better next year...we LOVE this event!!!

August 5, 2012

Dog Days - Coventry Regional Farmers Market

This annual event will be from 11 - 2 Sunday, August 5 at the Nathan Hale Homestead ... this is an AMAZING Market...please bring your dogs and join us for the fun! What an amazing turnout of people and their dogs! It as really hot but those who brought their dogs were equipped with ice and water and were very aware of the heat! Visitors at our booth were Newfoundlands and a variety of other breeds. Check out pics from this fun event. We look forward to the Coventry Regional Farmers Market every year!

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June 2, 2012

Sweet Briar 32nd Annual Nature and Craft Fair, Long Island, N Y

Sweet Briar is a 501c3 local nature center caring for injured wildlife and wildlife who can no longer be returned to the wild. Sweet Briar provides educational programs and a variety of other services. Each year the fair is held to raise funds for the center to continue its good work of helping wildlife but, as important, educating the public on wildlife.

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May 20, 2012

Rescue Open House

From FREEZING at our last open house to SWELTERING at this open house ... what a difference a few months can make. Nonetheless we had a great day with so many great people! Our visiting dogs looked amazing...all owners were working hard at keeping everyone cool and hydrated. Again, we were able to line up some quality homes. Some home checks are already being done ... and we will be looking to get some done in the other New England states as well as the Long Island area. Thank you all for your support! Only a couple of pics this time...photographer shortage!

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March 3 - 4, 2012

Long Island PET EXPO

Suffolk County College Expo Center, Grant Campus, Brentwood, NY is where you will find Chris Pulver this weekend...running That Newfoundland Place booth! Stop and visit Chris and the other volunteers and their Newfoundlands! (Pics to follow)

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February 12, 2012

Rescue Open House

Freezing is the only way to describe the open house held yesterday! Of course...we have spring like weather all winter...until the open house is planned! Vice President Chris Pulver had ferry tickets in hand to visit for the day with Christmas Clyde and Molly but black ice in Long Island made the early morning trip treacherous! Chris will see you all in the spring!

In spite of the crazy wind and cold, tough Newfoundland people came out for the day! The sun helped some...but it was certainly Newfoundland weather! The dogs didn't miss a beat but the coffee maker was put through its paces! Wood stoves in the house and garage/kennels kept all warm and gave everyone the opportunity to meet new people, dogs, chat, and catch up with old friends! We had a blast!

Our thanks to all who attended, brought goodies, purchased our sweats and T-shirts for a good cause, and volunteered. You are all amazing and wonderful! Enjoy all the photos!

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November 20, 2011

Rescue Open House

A tremendous success! Lots of applications and wonderful families are now waiting for THEIR dogs...the right dogs...for them! Our goal is to have homes waiting for dogs instead of dogs waiting for can email for applications from our organization...we can do the reference checks and the home checks immediately...then, when the right dog comes in for YOUR's a match! No time wasted! 

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 November 6, 2011

Puppy Up! Walk

On November 6th, 2011, in Washington, CT, we attended a function,  joining others from cities all across the country ...  the 2 Million Dogs Puppy Up! Walk against cancer. The event is part of a national effort organized by 2 Million Dogs, a 501 C (3) organization that relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help in its mission to eradicate both human and canine cancer through investing in comparative oncology studies.

That Newfoundland Place was a Silver Paw sponsor of this event. Located at the River Walk Park, School Street, Washington, CT, the event started at 1:00 PM. Despite so many local residents still without power after last week's snow storm, the event was well attended and included a 2 mile walk to support the cause. Please check the website at for more information.

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October 16th, 2011

Wooded Acres Animal Hospital, New York

Wooded Acres Animal Hospital in New York held their 5th Anniversary Halloween Party! It was a great day! Lots of Newfies showed up making a great showing for Newfoundland rescue! Huge thanks to Sandy and Christine for representing That Newfoundland Place at this event and thanks to all for the donations! Great job, friends!

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October 1st, 2011

Suffolk County Dog Show, New York

What a wonderful day was had at the Suffolk County Kennel Club Dog Show in Saint James, New York yesterday!!!  Our display was so impressive!  Diane Kentros made the most spectacular assortment of goodies that beckoned everyone over to our Rescue Booth! 

 That Newfoundland Place is beginning to be well known. Yesterday got the word out … we are up and running in full force and here to stay! 

Sandy Goldsmith brought her beautiful rescue Cody. Rescued after being deserted in a barn, Cody greeted everyone with big tail wags and giant licks! Sandy was a huge help with her knowledge of fund raising.

Scott Anderson was also present with his very handsome rescue Jonah.  Jonah was also a star and a big draw for people to get an idea of what we do for our beloved rescues and just how special they are.

How exciting that "Robert Corvello", the Landseer Rescue, came to visit our booth giving us the opportunity to brag about his role in the play Camelot currently being shown in Northport, New York.  Robert won the role over 20 other dogs that auditioned.  Not bad for a Rescue!

We feel a huge success in our effort to inform people of our work and how important our supporters are to us.  We cannot thank you all enough for your time and help in our first Long Island Fund Raiser!  It gives us great pleasure to know how far we have come in such a short time. Thank you all for all of your help, support, and encouragement!   We couldn't do any of this without you!

We would be remiss without extending an extra special thank you to Bob Eisele of the Suffolk County Kennel Club for inviting us to the show. That Newfoundland Place had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones! We look forward to attending again next year...

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September 10th

Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT

Dog Days of Summer

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That Newfoundland Place was invited to set up a booth at this annual event. Attendance was huge with everyone so friendly and so excited to show off their adopted pets! The jam packed day offered agility trials and novice practice sessions, police dog demonstrations, the big time favorite Cheesie Ball Race, and a magnificent Brown Bag Raffle...with amazing prizes...and SO much more!!! We will be there next year...too much fun to miss!

Our August 21st Open House

Though a threat of rain and thunder, roughly 50 people stopped in to say hello and meet some Newfoundlands looking for homes. Visitors came with their dogs, donations of dog beds, and once again delicious dog cookies! Our name tag team did a wonderful job headed by Amanda Piela. Thank you to those who volunteered to help! We could not do this without you!

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August 7th Coventry Regional Farmers' Market Dog Day Event!

That Newfoundland Place had a booth at our Farmers' Market! Even with the rain, which was torrential at some points, we had a blast! Loads of dogs.....tons of other dog related vendors....great networking opportunities...seeing some old friends and making many new that we are looking forward to for next year as well. We took our oldie... almost 11 year old Newfoundland who loved meeting people and seeing kids ... everyone thought she was a puppy!

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Our June 26th Open House

What a great day we had! The weather was perfect....the attendance was amazing! A huge thank you to everyone for donations, for volunteering, and for making the day a true success. Pictures of the event below!

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