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Working with other rescues....

The hallmark of good rescue is rescue working together for the betterment of the dogs…we are so fortunate to be able to work with the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford CT … our goals are to find the best homes for the dogs in our care…we are so happy to be able to help each other ...please view our adoption page…our dogs have been combined so the dogs and their perspective homes can be matched appropriately!

Please watch our Happy Tails page...we've had dogs come in...and with pre-approved homes waiting we were able to place almost instantly! We love this! So much better for the dogs!!!!! Keep in mind...applications...followed by home check = placement...don't wait to see what we have waiting...once we do all the preliminaries...YOU are ready to GO!!!

Please remember...if you are seriously interested in adopting...PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH WITH US!

Making the right match takes time... we never know when dogs are coming in... thank you for your patience!

PLEASE EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND WE WILL EMAIL YOU AN APPLICATION DIRECTLY.



Our process...we do not operate like most other rescues...we ask that people who are seriously considering adopting reach out to us for an application...following our receipt of the ap, we do a home check... every ap gets a home check...this is done even before we have a dog for a specific family...once we know that we have a safe spot for one of our dogs, it's a matter of finding the right dog for that family/situation... we are looking for a safe environment … nothing else…fencing is NOT a necessity as NOT all dogs need a fence…we hold functions throughout the houses, our annual fund raiser, we participate off property in other functions throughout New England ... attending one of these functions in order to meet us is HIGHLY advised...and staying in touch with us while you are waiting is also HIGHLY not wait until you see a dog that you like before starting the process…by that time, the dog you are viewing is most likely placed or we know where that dog is going…as stated, we do not operate as other rescues where people see a dog they like THEN apply…we work very hard to match the dog to your family and your family to the dog…please let us know if you have any questions…thank you!