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Meet Teddy…a 12 week old baby who needs some orthopedic work to prevent crippling hip dysplasia…we are assisting his family due to hardship…they love him and want to keep Teddy but the expense of the vet work is more than can be handled by them alone…we have committed to assist on the condition that our board certified veterinarians are involved … any donations ear marked for Teddy will be used specifically for him…and we will keep you updated on his progress. He sees Dr. Berzon on Monday…and I will be meeting the family at the office. Fingers crossed for Teddy!!!
Teddy had surgery a week ago…a JPS…Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis…we have done many of these surgeries in our years of rescue…it must be done within a small window of age…by 16 weeks…for pups who qualify, it’s a life saver! So now Teddy is a bit upset…he has to take it easy and wear an Ecollar while healing…he’s not liking that! BUT….he’s eating and wagging his tail and is HAPPY! He is re-habbing with us in Coventry and will be returning to his home and family soon!
UPDATE…stitches are out…ecollar gone…he’s a happy boy! His family came today to pick him up and bring him home….we will be working with them so that the next three months go smoothly for Teddy before he has to be re-xrayed to see results of his JPS surgery…he was so happy to see his people and they were thrilled with him…he did very well here…loved the other Newfs…loved his toys and his marrow bone! Good Boy Teddy!!!!!

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