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2011 Recap


Dear friends,


What an amazing first year for That Newfoundland Place! Where do we begin?

Let me start by formally introducing our officers:

President                    Cathy Derench

Vice President             Chris Pulver

Treasurer                     Lianne Sullivan

Secretary                     Linda Pintal

 All are well versed in the art of rescue. We have worked together for decades trying to make better lives for dogs that have crossed our paths!

  In 2011, help extended to dogs and help also extended to people. Dogs came in from shelters or from owners in distress. Rescue prevention was practiced in order to keep dogs in their homes by assisting owners, through their veterinarians, with medical bills and medication. Surgeries in the past year included cruciates, spays, neuters, eye surgeries, and items in between. Senior dogs, deserving a better life, were brought in to live out their lives, but even some of these seniors went to super homes!  In addition to Newfoundland dogs, we were involved with mixed breeds, small breeds, and basically dogs in need of help. Including intakes, adoptions, and assisting owners through rescue prevention, we were involved with over 34 dogs in this first year and also assisted in quite a bit of cat activity!

Visibility was an important issue for That Newfoundland Place for our first year. Events took us out to Regional Farmer’s Markets, Animal Hospital fund raisers, dog shows, and animal welfare/shelter functions. We were even a Silver Sponsor of the Puppy Up! Walk, a nationally organized walk to eradicate cancer in dogs and people! Our events took us from Connecticut to New York. We look so forward to participating in these events and more in 2012!

Open House functions have continued as they have through the past almost two decades.  The Open Houses are a blast! People love coming together for the dogs, bringing goodies and dog beds, eating pizza and drinking Dog Drool soda (Avery’s … who also makes the Cat Piddle soda). This function breaks up the long winters and gives us ALL hope and promise for the spring and summer and for good things to come! It’s so amazing and delightful to see old friends and meet new ones. We get to see how all the dogs have prospered. It restores our faith in human nature!

That Newfoundland Place is looking forward to an amazing 2012!

  • Caring for dogs (and cats) in need
  • Continuing our participation in Rescue Prevention 
  • Teaching kindness, compassion, and humility to the youngsters who will be stepping into our shoes in the future through the introduction of our Newfoundland Kids program … details to follow.
  • Promoting our Virtual Adoption Program to help assist our seniors and to open an avenue to those unable to have dogs where one may contribute to the support of a virtual dog BUT can actually make in person visits!
  • Planning for a Rescue Reunion is also in the works for early fall, 2012.

Here’s the real bottom line. It’s all about YOU! Our supporters have been so kind and generous. Words cannot express our appreciation for what you have done for our wonderful animals in the form of donations, volunteering, and support. You are the amazing ones. You are the ones who have made all of our successes possible. We are deeply grateful!

Looking forward to seeing you in 2012!!